The civil war that is coming, unless we awaken

From a VFR regular who lives part of the time in Germany:

I don’t see that we have really “risen to the challenge” at all. To rise to the challenge would mean recognizing ALL Moslems as the threat that they are. Not endlessly debating free speech and civil rights as is the case in London now. My thoughts are that people such as Daniel Pipes know what needs to be done but cannot garner support by saying it. So they walk the fine line, further obscuring and exasperating the problem with the best of intentions.

That’s it, isn’t it? We can’t take the necessary humane action for everybody and remove Moslems as much as possible from the West because “it’s just plain wrong,” which is the message of liberalism, and we are confronted with a powerful coalition of the brainwashed products of liberalism. So we hope against hope that our enemies will convert to Western style values because we refuse to think like the enemy. We can’t even comprehend the nature of the enemy. Having been reared under the subversive tutelage of the Ministry of Truth for so long, we don’t even know what the truth is, even as it is ready to destroy us.

But this compounds the problem as things slowly and continuously pile up and build up until the coming clash will be infinitely more violent than it would otherwise have been. And make no mistake about it, the genie is out of the bottle, the Islamic enemies of Western civilization are rallied and motivated as never before to force a civilizational coup de grace upon us. And unlike WWII, the enemy is truly a fifth column in all its millions, amassed in every corner of the world, even within the bulwarks of Western Christendom as well every other “infidel” nation on this Earth, growing stronger, more numerous and ominous, biding their time until the right moment to strike.

This type of occupation to my knowledge has never happened. Militarily speaking, such a scenario always results in civil war where Moslems are concerned. Our leaders’ fascination with what Huntington calls “torn countries” has enabled this. Of course the solution is Spain 1492. But we’ve been neutered like a docile canine by internal rot. So my thoughts are civil war in Europe with the distinct possibility that Europe may never recover culturally.

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