Are Obamacrats’ bullying tactics hurting them?

Sage McLaughlin writes:

The last couple of days have illustrated why the people who say that Obama is a horrible negotiator have a strong case. He has created a situation, with his remarks about the Supreme Court, in which the Court cannot rule the way he wants without creating the widespread perception that they have bent to political pressure from the White House. For many people, the issue is now whether the Court is really an independent body, especially with insane calls now emanating from Obama’s cheering section for the Court’s members to be impeached should they dare to cross Obama. The Left has gone completely mad in this country. If they really wanted to help their cause, they would not make an issue of the Supreme Court’s independence from naked public political bullying by the White House. Even liberal judges deeply resent that kind of pressure. Also, it bears repeating that the bill is generally very unpopular. Why do they think this kind of thing is helpful?

Posted by Lawrence Auster at April 05, 2012 09:29 AM | Send

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