Negro professional sports

The negrification of professonal sports, a process that has proceeded step by step with the thugification of professional sports, reached a sort of climax today when linebacker Jovan Belcher of the Kansas City Chiefs murdered his 22-year-old girlfriend at his home, then drove to the team’s Arrowhead Stadium practice facility and committed suicide.

According to police, Belcher shot and killed his girlfriend, 22, at home around 8 a.m. CT, with the woman’s mother present and a witness to the murder. Belcher then drove to the team facility, where he later shot and killed himself in the parking lot of the team complex, in front of GM Scott Pioli and coach Romeo Crennel, as well as other team personnel. A KCPD spokesman said Pioli and Crennel tried to talk to Belcher, who thanked the men before taking his life. Belcher and his girlfriend had a three-month-old child.

See also today’s earlier entry, “Negro government.” I reiterate that there are many black people who are fine or ok as individuals and are not a problem for society. But the black population as a whole is a negative and unappeasably resentful force in America. And this negative force is made ten thousand times worse by the ruling liberal ideology which unjustly rewards and empowers this low-IQ, low-aspiration, impulse-driven, and violence-prone population and blames their inherent low functionality on white racism, thus causing the society to commit suicide out of false racial guilt.

Wherever a non-black-majority society has a significant black minority, there is, as Paul Kersey vividly puts it, the Black Undertow. I would add that when it comes to a black-majority or all-black society, the entire society is the Undertow.

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Julia H. writes:

Fox Sports notes: “He graduated from UMaine in December 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in child development and family relations.”

LA replies:

That’s a riot, or rather it would be a riot if the case didn’t involve the murder of his girlfriend who was the mother of their three month old child in front of the girlfriend’s mother. Let’s just say it’s ironic.

Terry Morris writes:

Don’t tell me—Belcher’s girlfriend was white?

Anyway, I haven’t been interested in professional sports since the early nineties. Not because of this sort of thing in particular, obviously, but because I realized then that this is where professional sports was ultimately headed.

In more upbeat news, my home-town H.S. football team won its semi-final playoff game today by a score of 35-21. They’ll be playing in the State Championship game next week at Boone-Pickens stadium in Stillwater.

Terry Morris writes:

Concerning the impact of today’s events on the Chiefs, the article you linked indicates that there is a lot of hand-wringing going on within the organization and the NFL about whether to play tomorrow’s scheduled football game. The Chiefs are 1-10 on the season according to the article. What is the big decision? Just forfeit the game.

Wait! I forgot. It’s all about the almighty dollar.

LA writes:

I had earlier posted a reader’s comment in this thread that read in part:

My only interest in the story, I am unashamed to say, was that his deceased, young girlfriend might be a dumb white girl led astray by our permissive society. I was partially relieved to see her name spelled “Kasandra,” then completely relieved upon finding her photo on Facebook.

In response, David J. wrote:

Is not this comment an example of the “amoral tribalism” that you previously criticized when a reader said he didn’t care what happened to Dahrun Ravi in the Rutgers “peeping Tom? case because Ravi is an Indian?

I replied to David J.:

I had doubts about posting the comment for the same reason that the comment bothered you, but decided it was acceptable. Your objection to it is interesting. I will try to post it and reply to it. I’ll need to go into the difference between the attitude I condemned as amoral tribalism in the Ravi thread and the commenter’s attitude in this thread.

A couple of minutes later I sent a follow-up:

On further thought, I think you’re right. It is not right for a person to state publicly that he doesn’t care about someone being killed.

Of course, black people are being murdered by other black people all the time in the unceasing Brownian motion of black violence, and we don’t think much about these murders or particularly care about them. But to state positively that one is not concerned about the murder of a person because that person belongs to a different group from one’s own, or even to a group that is generally hostile to one’s own, is not right.

I will take down the comment.

LA continues:

Also, the original comment had said:

My only concern, I am unashamed to say, was that his deceased, young girlfriend might be a dumb, hot white girl led astray by our permissive society.

When posting it, I changed “my only concern” to “my only interest in the story,” because to say that one had no “concern” about the murder didn’t feel right. (I also deleted the word “hot.”) Here again is the edited sentence as posted:

My only interest in the story, I am unashamed to say, was that his deceased, young girlfriend might be a dumb white girl led astray by our permissive society.

However, the change from “concern” to “interest” did not remove the problem, and David J. was correct to point it out to me.

David J. writes:

Thank you for your commitment to rational, respectful discourse. I feel honored that you even gave heed to my concern.

LA writes:

I guess that Jovan Belcher killed himself because he couldn’t handle the conflict between being an NFL player and a murderer. He couldn’t live with the consequences of what he had done.

Othello killed himself in the same manner—confessing to others his murder of Desdemona, then telling them:

And say besides that in Aleppo once,
Where a malignant and a turbaned Turk
Beat a Venetian and traduced the state,
I took by the throat the circumcisèd dog,
And smote him, THUS.

(Stabs himself)

In comparing Belcher to Othello, I am not saying that Belcher is a tragic figure—because I don’t consider Othello himself to be a tragic figure. He’s more of a tabloid figure. Yes, he is not without noble characteristics. But he is at bottom a stupid man who gets stupidly, insanely jealous of his wife and kills her, as innumerable men have done throughout history. Then out of shame, or not being able to face the consequences, he kills himself. In my opinion, Othello is too low and sordid a play to be a real tragedy.

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