“The most incompetent and ideologically rigid president in American history.”

That’s Emmett Tyrrell in the Washington Times, characterizing Ron Suskind’s characterization of the man in the White House:

Move on to Mr. Suskind’s first quote from economist Larry Summers, complaining to economist Peter Orszag, “We’re home alone. There’s no adult in charge.” Settle on Page 365, where the speculations of us Obama critics are pretty much vindicated. There is Mr. Obama’s inability to make a decision, his “drift,” his “loss of interest.” Referring to Mr. Summers once again, Mr. Orszag is quoted as telling Mr. Suskind, “Larry would say [to Mr. Obama], ‘I’ll make my argument first; you can go after me.’” Mr. Orszag then recalls something Mr. Suskind was to hear from countless others: “I’m thinking, ‘I can’t believe he’s talking to the president that way.’ I just don’t know why Obama didn’t say, ‘I made that decision a week ago. Just do what I say.’ ” Well, Mr. Obama probably did not make that decision a week ago. In another meeting, after “a dozen arguments,” Mr. Suskind writes, “Obama, in a voice that was softly dispirited, said, ‘Well, if you guys can’t agree, I mean, we don’t have to do it.’ ” As I say, this is from one page. The book continues and makes very painful reading even for me in all my vindication.

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