Erik Rush on Obama

On the subject of Obama and his church, Erik Rush, a black columnist at World Net Daily, is one of the very few who get it:

Barack Obama first equivocally denounced Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s words, then did so more forcefully after the clergyman’s tirade at the Washington Press Club lunch last month—but he hasn’t denounced Black Liberation Theology. [Italics added.] [LA replies: Yes. And that’s what matters, that Obama denounce and dissociate himself from the teaching of his church, as I said in March 2007.]

This is what Barack Obama must be called upon to do. If he does not, he is advocating the equivalent of Aryan Brethren church dogma—simply the other side of the coin. Black Liberation Theology is an indisputably racist, malignant doctrine that ought to be shunned by conscientious Americans in the manner of white separatist organizations and mind-controlling cults. [LA replies: Erik Rush is wrong here. Yes, there are vile, hatred-invoking whites in this country, but there is no “white separatism” per se that is anything remotely like the vile hate mongering of James Cone, Jeremiah Wright, and Trinity United.]

Black Liberation Theology is far closer in ideology to radical Islam than it is to any Christian denomination. Obama may have “explained away” Rev. Wright, but he must be called to account—not for listening to Wright’s sermons for 20 years, but for willingly participating in the rites of a vicious, racist religious faction for 20 years. [LA replies: Yes.]

The imperative question: Will Americans demand this, or will they march somnambulistically on, led by the press and continuing to be deceived by their creation?

It is still very hard to believe that life-long membership in a virulently racist black church does not disqualify Obama in most people’s eyes from the presidency. Even in this age of the transgression of all standards, did any of us imagine that this standard would be transgressed, and so soon?

Which brings into focus the weakness of Erik Rush’s and my demand that Obama denounce or dissociate himself from the black liberation theology of his church. What denunciation, what dissociation, what renunciation could cancel out a 20 year membership in such a church? Bottom line: Obama cannot make this right. He is disqualified from the presidency, period. Or, in a sane America, he would be.

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Anthony Damato writes:

Erik Rush is a breath of fresh air. He sees right through Obama’s phony persona and straight to his obvious danger. Too bad he is not running for president. The sad thing is that if he were, he would not get the support of the black community.

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