The quintessential Republican loser


In Romney’s concession speech, he displays the same qualities that made him admirable and that assured his loss. He’s a high-quality man, but at bottom a businessman type who has no grasp of ideas and ideology and how they control society, and therefore no ability to understand and to fight against false ideas. The Democrats spent a hundred million dollars on TV ads painting him as a monster, as someone who, for example, has an extreme, “xenophobic” position on immigration (see the New York Times editorial yesterday about Romney’s purported appeal to “fear” and “resentment”). And it never occurred to him or his advisors that he had to refute that false idea. It never occurred to him to declare, and to keep declaring until the whole country heard it:

“How can it be xenophobic to say that illegal aliens should ‘self-deport’? Self-deportation would be the result of attrition, which is achieved simply by enforcing existing law prohibiting the hiring of illegal aliens. If they cannot get work here, they will stop coming, or if they are already here they will leave. Attrition is in fact the most moderate approach to the illegal immigration problem. The extreme approach, which I and the entire Republican Party reject, would be mass deportation. Yet the left calls my moderate position extreme and xenophobic. They call it hateful simply to call for the enforcement of the law.

“Further, how can I be xenophobic when I support our current immigration law which is allowing over a million legal immigrants into this country every year, the majority of them Hispanic? If I were anti-Hispanic, wouldn’t I try to end that law? But I’m not trying to end it, I support it.

“So the Obama campaign’s portrayal of me as xenophobic is a monstrous lie. It is a lie designed to demonize, silence, and suppress any position that is different from Democratic Party’s position. Through such lies, the Democrats seek to turn America into a one-party state, in which only their views will be legitimate. Their campaign of lies must be rejected, and I will expose such lies whenever they are used against me.”

Not only did Romney not dream of saying anything like this, there is no indication that he or any Republican politician is even aware of what liberals and minorities universally believe and say about them, that they are racists, simply for being Republicans. The Republicans’ good-guy, all-American belief in America’s goodness makes it impossible for them to see that America is now increasingly controlled by tyrannical leftist evil. And thus it makes it impossible for them to oppose that evil. And thus they have—all-American good sports that they are—handed the country over to that evil.

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