Walker to L.A. Times: Stop lying

Immigration reformer Brenda Walker (see her website, Limits to Growth) has submitted the following letter to the Los Angeles Times in response the Times’s tendentious spin (and that’s polite understatement) on the meaning of the election. Dig that last paragraph.


The pundit class is under the misapprehension that immigration lost at the polls Tuesday and is over as an issue (“‘No’ to immigration hard-liners”). Nothing could be further from the truth.

No candidate won by campaigning on amnesty for illegal aliens. None, period. Many Republicans were defeated by Democrats claiming to be tougher on immigration enforcement than the incumbent. Time will tell how truthful the winners are.

The fact that in Arizona all four pro-enforcement ballot initiatives passed with more than 70 percent voter approval is a better indicator of opinion than individual candidates who are judged on a variety of issues and personal qualities.

Americans will not give up their country to the low-intensity foreign invasion caused by business’ desire for slave labor, so the press might as well stop misrepresenting the true nature of the movement to protect borders and sovereignty.

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Ben writes:

Also, to Fred Barnes: Stop lying.

LA says:

Barnes is appalling. For years he was a plodding dullard among the neocons, seemingly more restrained and moderate in his instincts than, say, Kristol, and also, one sensed, more decent as a human being. In the last couple of years he’s morphed into a crusader and liar for open-borders.

Gary M. writes:

Actually, it goes back a little longer than a couple of years for Barnes. He wrote “The New Americans” about 6 years ago, the basic premise of which is that Asians are the new Jews and Mexicans are the new Italians, everything worked out OK 100 years ago, so it’s going to work out OK this time too, no matter how much has changed since 1900. He completely glossed over small details like, oh, say, the fact that Italy doesn’t nurse a 150 year old grudge against us, or teach its schoolchildren that part of its territory was “stolen” by the United States. He also seems to have missed the fact that Italy didn’t have 50 consulates in our country 100 years ago, meddling openly in our politics and handing out phony-baloney i.d. to its nationals that were residing here illegally.

Yup Fred, you’re a genius, everything will be just fine no matter how many stupid and/or self-destructive things we do.

Gintas writes:

Remember the Doug Bandow flap, where it turns out he was getting paid to opine a certain way? I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these open border neocons were paid by corporations (Tyson? Homebuilders?) to shill their views. How else could the plodding dullard Barnes get passionate about anything? That or the Wall Street party disciplinarians are really cracking the whip.

My comments assume that these people are normal patriots, and that may be a wrong assumption.

LA replies:

Interesting theory, could be true. But I would tend to believe that Barnes is simply becoming more outspoken on what has been his position all along. He of course has been managing editor of the Weekly Standard, with its total open-borders view, from its inception.

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