What to do about Pakistan

Daniel Pipes writes:

This sudden crisis in relations [between the U.S. and Pakistan] may be unexpected but it culminates a process that has developed over decades. Pakistan is one of several Muslim-majority countries (Yemen is another; Turkey is becoming a third) where the U.S. government basically lacks any friends.

Although such a situation severely limits American options, here is a realistic policy recommendation that serves American interests:

Give up on the pretence that the two governments are allies and treat Pakistan—with its many madrassahs, its Islamist military leadership, and rogue intelligence service—as a danger zone. Adopt a policy of containment vis-à-vis the Islamism coming out of it, rewarding cooperation and punishing hostile acts. This approach permits Washington flexibly to collaborate or confront as circumstances warrant and needs change.

Makes sense.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at May 05, 2011 10:41 AM | Send

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