L-dotters LOVE Ann Romney

The highly critical view of Mrs. Romney’s speech expressed by Laura Wood, Kidist Paulos Asrat, and me could not be more different from that expressed by the Republicans who post at Lucianne.com. To a man and woman, they love it, are thankful for it, are overjoyed by it. At the same time, let us remember that these are same people who worshipped at the feet of George W. Bush for eight years, who thought Sarah Palin was the greatest conservative in America, and who would have felt themselves transported to heaven if Romney had picked Condoleezza Rice as his VP. When I said earlier today, “Where is the American right-wing that will correct the delusional Republicans? It doesn’t exist. The Republicans are as right-wing as America will ever get,” I wasn’t just speaking of the party establishment. I was speaking of the party rank and file, including the L-dotters.

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Terry Morris writes:

A family member inherited a fair sum of money some years ago. As she explained the details to me, she mentioned the amount in taxes taken before she and a sibling divided the remainder between them. As I recall, the tax was around fifty percent. I reacted in disgust. She said to me in reply, “But I’m happy. I’m just glad to be left with something.”

Your entry about the fawning of the L-dotters over Mrs. Romney’s speech, and your mention of their reaction to Sarah Palin four years ago, reminded me of the story above because at some point in the conversation with my family member, I realized that her reaction to the excessive taxation, so flippant and passive’ and even thankful that the government didn’t take more, came as naturally to her as mine did to me. I was upset because of the “death tax.” She was happy because she was left with “something.”

Part of the excitement of the L-dotters probably follows the same principle. They’re just happy to get something. Anything remotely conservative, or in any way connected to conservatism -anything non-democratic, in other words- makes them happy and excited. This is unacceptable, of course, but it’s the world we live in, God help us all.

LA replies:

Think of the glass-half-empty / glass-half-full opposition. Well, for the L-dotters and many other conservatives, if the glass is nine-tenths empty, they see it as one-tenth full!

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