The evil at the heart of liberalism

Kevin V., who used to live next door to Richmond, California, provides a personal perspective on the culture that produced the Richmond High School gang rape. Also be sure to see his riveting personal story, posted in July 2008 (scroll down to his name) of the experiences that moved him away from his youthful leftist views on race to racial realism.

Kevin V. writes:

I hesitate to write you on this subject since it strikes close to home for me, but there is something regarding this atrocity that I wanted to write to you about.

As I’ve told you, as a young man I was a very earnest left-winger. I attended Cal and was active in left wing politics as an undergrad, primary with the Socialist Worker’s Party and, later, with Michael Harrington’s Democratic Socialists of America. For most of this time I lived in the city of Albany, California, which, if you look at a map of the East Bay on Google you’ll find nestled between Berkeley and Richmond, with San Pablo Avenue being a main thoroughfare through all three cities.

My life—education, work, socializing, leisure, political activity, going out to eat, everything—was centered around this part of Contra Costa County for six long years. Years that are, by far, the absolute worst years of my life. It was during this painful period that I experienced two life-changing realizations.

First, the earlier, was that the type of society that my ideals produced was not one I wished to live in. Simply put, liberalism didn’t work. Interpersonal relations were coarse, the culture low, the work atmosphere almost unbearable, the racial tension was hateful, government at all levels simply did not function properly, public transport was a dangerous shambles, and everywhere the result of this failed state of affairs was the de facto rule of the tough guy, the thug.

That was hard enough to go through—the loss of one’s ideals is no easy to take even if necessary—but it was the second realization that was the most painful of all. After spending a certain amount of time in Richmond and Berkeley I realized that it wasn’t simply that liberalism is wrong-headed and does not work, but that it is actively evil. Interpersonal relations are coarse because liberals actively hate real people and are endlessly self-absorbed. The culture is low because the culture is evil, it actively works to debase, to debauch, to tear down anything having anything to do with beauty or truth, because it is a standing rebuke. The work atmosphere was unbearable because each person was concerned about his rights to an obsessive degree, with every simple request becoming an assault on a liberal’s personhood and individual sovereignty.

And, worse, that racial tension was high not just because of liberalism but because blacks and Latinos actively despise white people, they hate us, with a burning passion.

And at the heart of this evil was the rancid city of Richmond, whose streets I had to pass through every night on the way home from work. Every night, the same whooping mob cheering on a 25-on-1 assault in a convenience store parking lot, the push-and-shove match between competing tribes of top dogs outside the bars and nightclubs, the barely understandable swear-word filled tirades of crying, out-of-control black women, the same beat-up squad cars responding to the same places dealing with the same people over and over and over again, night after night. The bars on the windows, the razor wire along business rooftops, the trash strewn about, the mocking laughter of packs of young men—always in packs.

So, no, I’m not surprised. And I say this by way of explaining my initial reaction to the story: Any white parent who would send their daughter to school in such a place is beyond mere idiocy, beyond mere lunacy, beyond mere misjudgment. Such a person is an ideologue who is deliberately exposing their child to danger in the name of their ideology, because to do otherwise, to recognize the evil in the air there would bring their entire world view down around them.

And I was once one of them, though, thankfully, not when I had children.

How many black and Mexican boots in white faces have to be felt before our people begin to wake up and face down this false ideal?

I think I know the answer to that, and the answer is not good.

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