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I thank the many readers who continue to wish me well and pray for me. The battle I am in is so complex, with so many fronts being fought simultaneously, with so many crises, so many dramatic reversals, even on a single day, that I have sometimes felt that on a single day I have passed through a personal equivalent of World War II. In any case, I cannot possibly give an account at this time of what has been transpiring. The simplest way I can sum up the situation is that in the last couple of weeks there has been at long last some progress in grasping the nature of the intestinal problem and treating it, but that it is still far from resolved. There are occasional welcome hours of relief and comfort. I am also exhausted and played out from the interminable fight, the constant challenges, the decisions that must be made every day, the number of pills I must take (for example, pills that are needed for ending unbearable pain in the gut themselves cause severe stomach ache), and overall endless misery.

And, by the way, it is still not determined what causes that unbearable pain. It could be growing cancer tumors pressing on nerves; it could be something not yet known. Remember that in the last CT scan about three weeks ago there was no increase in the tumors, and the pain, though it was not as bad then, was present before that scan. And since some functioning of the bowel has been restored over the past few days, lack of movement of the intestines would not appear to be the cause.

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