The one story about Obama you’ll never see on the conservative Web

The latest Gallup three-day tracking poll says President Obama’s approval rating is 48 percent. Do you see that news being reported on the conservative Web? Nope. But as soon as his approval rating oscillates downward (for the nth time) to 43 percent, you’ll see stories about it popping up like mushrooms at Lucianne, Hot Air, and elsewhere, declaring that Obama’s in a precipitous fall, that he’s doomed, that he has plunged into stygian realms of darkness where he’s never been before, that Michelle is shopping for a house in Hawaii.

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Eric writes:

I admittedly am speculating, but I get the sense that Romney is very close to winning after that first debate. Polls have come out from Virginia and Florida showing him up by a decent amount, so it seems like it comes down to Ohio and whether Romney can overtake the Democratic advantage from early voting. Of course he needs one more state besides that, but if he can pull reasonably ahead nationally that should be doable. It will depend on if he does well enough to avert an Obama comeback narrative in the next two debates, and whether the Democrats have any last-minute damaging leaks up their sleeve.

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