Muslim minister in Britain looks forward to Muslim prime minister

Paul Weston writes from England:

You wrote about how Shahid Malik, the Community Cohesion Minister, has ended the policy of trying to discourage young Muslims from becoming extremists and says more attention will be paid to white racists. In a speech in October 2008 shown in this YouTube clip, at an event called The Global Peace and Unity Conference, Malik said that he looks forward to Britain being run by a Muslim Prime Minister and that he hopes that someday all the members of the British Parliament will be Muslims.

Malik opens with this:

I’m proud of the achievements of Muslims in this country from 1997. In 1997 we had our first Muslim MP.

In 2001 we had two Muslim MP’s.

In 2005 we had four Muslim MP’s.

Inshallah—in 2009 we will have eight Muslim MP’s.

In 2014 we’ll have 16 Muslim MP’s.

At this rate the whole Parliament will be Muslim!

[Crowd whistles and buzzes with excitement.]

“But just to say, in case there are any journalists present, that is not my objective. But you know, we’ve got four Muslim MP’s, there should be 20 Muslim MP’s in Parliament and—Inshallah—we will see that. And I am confident, as Britains first Muslim Minister, that—Inshallah—in the next thirty years or so, we will see a Prime Minister of this country who happens to share my faith.”

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