Whites must throw off a government determined to destroy the white Western way of life

Richard S. writes (see also Richard’s recent great comment about liberalism.):

The white illusion about Obama that you discuss here seems to consist of the attitude, Oh please, please blacks, don’t hurt us, here’s the presidency. Continual retreat.

When does the cowardice stop?

I have one life to live. One precious chance at living the best life, the most optimal life possible. And living it among blacks—I have found at great cost—is impossible. Impossible! To compromise with them, to give them an inch, is to lose an inch of MY life, my culture, my sea to swim in. It is criminal, a crime against everything I hold dear, to cede an inch to an alien force, alien culture, alien people.

There is a chance, an outside chance but a chance all the same, that the millions who agree with me—though hardly any of them dare say it—the millions who have been assaulted in any one of the myriad ways blacks attack whites daily, will go to the polls in 2010 and vote THEIR rage. It will not be enough of course. But it will be a start. Because unless whites can throw off the body of a government bound and determined to destroy the white Western way of life—it will be destroyed. Everything I love, the only thing I CAN love, will be blotted out.

I can’t see that happening. I can’t see the retreat going on forever. Finally people have to assert their attachment to their own loved way of life.

Whites will not put up forever with the thing they love being spat on. And that’s why I have hope.

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D. from Seattle writes:

Since you like quoting Bob Dylan to comment on various current events, I thought I’d use the Clash for the same purpose. Here are the lyrics of the song “White Riot” from their eponymous 1977 debut album:

White riot—I wanna riot
White riot—a riot of my own
White riot—I wanna riot
White riot—a riot of my own
Black man gotta lot a problems
But they don’t mind throwing a brick
White people go to school
Where they teach you how to be thick
An’ everybody’s doing
Just what they’re told to
An’ nobody wants
To go to jail!
All the power’s in the hands
Of people rich enough to buy it
While we walk the street
Too chicken to even try it
Everybody’s doing
Just what they’re told to
Nobody wants
To go to jail!
Are you taking over
or are you taking orders?
Are you going backwards
Or are you going forwards?

You can listen to it for free here.

Steven B. writes from Canada:

I must say that your website is a breath of fresh air among not only the insane liberal media but also the neo-con crowd (of which I was one, until I happened upon your site and American Renaissance).

The major reason that I visit your site almost every day (even while in lecture—surrounded by the enemy) is due to the fact that you, as well as your regular commenters, routinely and methodically destroy the liberal/left-wing/socialist position on everything from race (my favourite subject here on VFR), the sickening decline of Western Europe (especially “Great” Britain), and certain neo-cons.

The comment by Richard S, regarding freedom of association, contained one line that really summed up what has been going through my head almost every single day:

“I have one life to live. One precious chance at living the best life, the most optimal life possible. And living it among blacks—I have found at great cost—is impossible.”

Indeed. It seems that every single race on Planet Earth has the opportunity (which they take for granted) to live among their own kind. Furthermore, if this arrangement is threatened, they fight the aggressor with ferocity. Yet whites are denied the right to live among their own kind in peace.

The Japanese certainly do not care if they are called “racists” for defending their own kind. For example. if they experience a labour shortage, they turn to robotics. I applaud them for their attitude all the while imagining how great life would be if we only fostered the same brotherhood among our own kind. (I often envision the golden era of white consciousness as ranging from the beginning of the 19th century and ending in the first decade of the 20th century when the European empires were at their zenith).

It sickens me when naive whites do not recognise the serious threat that our race faces. I once asked an attractive blonde female student who was from Arizona (I am Canadian) why it did not bother her in the least that her state was being overrun by Mexicans. The response I received was an indignant expression on her face. Did she not realise that she was defending a group of people (Hispanics) who would mistreat her (physically or financially) whenever the opportunity arose? Why was she unaware of the “Reconquista” movement or La Raza? Why was she unaware of the rape statistics? It truly boggles the mind.

Richard S. is right about the eventual awakening. There can only be so many assaults on whites until something happens. There is only so much habitable land for new suburbs until white flight runs out of locations. There can only be so many glimpses of what Obama thinks of white people. And there can only be so many horror stories coming out of “Great” Britain until something—anything—happens. I just hope the change occurs soon so that I can live my life in peace among my own kind (a natural inclination).

September 16

Marco Jawsario writes:

Richard S. asks when does white cowardice stop? It stops when we go on the offensive, that is when.

White American traditionalists face two main threats. One is the increasing Third Worldization of our country and the second is the Jewish left, which I refer to as the Liberal Kosher Nostra. Since the latter has dominance of the academia, news organizations, entertainment industry, news media, labor movements, and financing of the political system, that must be our first target. Knowing liberal Jews as I do, I do not say there is a conspiracy among Jewish leftists, but I declare it to be ever powerful, ever assertive, and decidedly anti-white. It uses its self-endowed PC victim status to prod and poke and insult white conservatives while insulating itself from the very corrosive effects of the policies it advocates. This must stop and it is up to us Jewish right wingers to lead the way.

If for example, the left media uses white liberals such as John Dean and Chris Matthews to attack the GOP for being “too old and too white,” or the TEA Party Movement for being “too white and too racist,” then I say we Jewish rightwingers have open season to attack the media for being too Jewish. It is a simple fact that this tiny minority exerts an incredible influence in determining what the American see, read, hear, and yes, think. We need to out-Alinsky them, and never let off on the pressure. We need to use their own language and tactics against them. We need to document the extent to which liberal Jews are exponentially overrepresented in ownership and operation of the media (I already have), and we need to demand that the mainstream media and its outlets “reflect the rich diversity of the country and the local populations they serve.” Amen. If the Lawrence Austers, David Horowitzs, Dennis Pragers, Michael Savages, Mark Levins, Mike Bermans, Dr. Harts, and Marco Jawsarios could close ranks and launch such an attack, we could drive these smug, arrogant know-it-alls off of their perches, and perhaps lead them to repent of their anti-white manners and tactics. It would go a long way in helping to reassert white pride and white courage.

September 17

James H. writes:

The comments of Richard S. reminded me of a conversation that I had the past Monday. One of my friends, an elderly black lady from Belize speaks quite frankly on what it is like living with blacks; specifically black Americans. It’s torture. She welcomes the continued white-gentrification of Washington, D.C. and the displacement of the black majority population. Yes. She actually said it. And there are many others like her of similar mind. Of course, I know and you know that “Mrs. M” cannot be counted on to turn back the tide of cultural destruction because, she and the like-minded are outnumbered, surrounded and are at great risk of physical harm. I have often said that most older blacks, even those who attend church and enthusiastically listen to fire and brimstone sermons on homosexuality; would much prefer two white, homosexual men as neighbors than Young blacks.

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