A typical specimen of the female Homo eloiensis

The AP reports a story from Dade City, Florida:

Caseworker was ‘chased down street with butcher’s knife and stabbed to death’ during routine visit to client’s home

An inexperienced health care caseworker who visited a client at his home knew there was something that made her ‘very uncomfortable’ about the 53-year-old man, even writing in his file that two people should visit him in the future.

Yet 25-year-old Stephanie Ross went alone to Lucious Smith’s apartment Monday morning, and police said the ex-con with a history of violence inexplicably chased her down the street, stabbing her to death with a butcher knife.

Stephanie Ross: the perfect type of the naive and
idealistic white female Eloi who is compelled by the
law of her nature to deliver herself into the maw of death.

… Ross wrote about being ‘very uncomfortable’ with Smith, according to Dade City police officer Brian Uppercue, who said authorities reviewed the file. It’s not clear why Ross went there by herself Monday or what his illness was.

[end of excerpt of AP article]

Lucious Smith: the perfect type of the oppressed black man
who, had it not been for white racism, would have been
a Supreme Court Justice, or at least a host on MSNBC.

Did you notice how the motives of both the killer and the victim are described as unknown and mysterious? Lucious Smith “inexplicably” chased and stabbed Stephanie Ross, and Ross went alone to Smith’s home for reasons that are “not clear.” But what needs to be explained? Smith is a savagely violent Negro who was an obvious danger to society and should have been institutionalized long ago, but wasn’t because institutionalization is considered oppressive and unequal; and Ross is a white female Eloi who disregarded her own strong intimations of danger in order to help a black man. Both the murderer and the murdered were following the familiar and established behavior of their type. But liberal society refuses to recognize distinct human types and the respective patterns of behavior they typically engage in, because all human beings are equal, and to suggest otherwise is an offense against society worse than,.well, worse than chasing a 25-year-old social worker down the street and stabbing her to death. So, in the eyes of liberals, Ross’s decision to go to Smith’s apartment, and Smith’s murder of Ross, are both odd and inexplicable.

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December 15

Mark B. writes:

And what kind of people send a weak, young, (white) unarmed girl into the company of a monstrous, insane black male felon alone? The same men and people who send young Peace Corps workers into the Third World bush to be raped and murdered. My God the blindness, and worse, it’s entirely willful.

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