Would you open your front door to this man , cont.

The real Benjamin Thompson

James P. writes:

In the Newsday story you link in the entry about the Long Island “health care home invasion,” it says the enormous black dude (Vance Jackson) shown at the top of the story was “hiding outside”. So technically the Eloi fools didn’t open the door for him.

These two knocked on the door—Benjamin Thompson and Natalie Taylor—but frankly I wouldn’t open the door for them, either.

LA replies:

I got it wrong then, I thought the photo was of Benjamin Thompson, the man who knocked at the door.

I had the impression he was Thompson from the Michelle Malkin entry. She shows the photo of Jackson with this caption:

This man is wearing scrubs, but he’s not a doctor.

So I thought he was the one who knocked at the door, thus I thought he was Jackson.

But at the Newsday article, the same photo is identified as Vance Jackson, the man who had been hiding and then entered the house with Jackson and Taylor.

Thanks for the additional photos, I’ll post these.

Natalie Taylor

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