Clarifying my position on the Martin case

Here is something I wrote on Sunday, in the entry about the supposed scientifically certain conclusion that the voice on the tape is not Zimmerman’s:

Finally, as I’ve said from the start, we do not know what happened. We have no intelligible step by step account of the movements and actions of the two principals. Is it possible that Zimmerman provoked the confrontation? Yes. Is it possible that Zimmerman unnecessarily and without justification used fatal force? Yes. Is it even possible that Zimmerman was not in danger from Trayvon at the moment he pulled the trigger and that he murdered him? Yes. Is it possible that the police were too quick to release Zimmerman? Yes. All those things are possible, though, in my opinion, based on the facts that we do have, they are much less likely than their respective opposites; and, with regard to the possibility of murder, far less likely. We don’t have a complete picture of what happened that night. But we do know certain things. We know that there has been a national lynch mob against George Zimmerman (and against the racist white America that he supposedly represents), and a national beatification of Trayvon Martin (and of the innocent victimized black America that he supposedly represents). We know that from the start the media and the politicians have built up a lying picture of this event in which basic information tending to exculpate Zimmerman has been covered up and a falsely innocent picture of Martin has been promoted. These are facts, and it is on these facts that most of my commentary has been focused.

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