Hirsi Ali, the conservatives’ hero, wants to ban Belgian conservative party as Nazi-like

Last September Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Somalian-Dutch feminist leftist parliamentarian and target of jihadist assassination threats, showed her true leftist colors by seeking to have a small Christian Dutch party outlawed because it opposes homosexual “marriage” and abortion. But Ali is not stopping at trying to ban political parties in her adopted country. Now, according to the Brussels Journal, Ali has

told the Belgian authorities that they should ban the country’s largest party, the “Islamophobic” Vlaams Belang. In an interview with the Antwerp newspaper Gazet van Antwerpen (1 February), she said why she regards the VB as a dangerous party:

“I would ban the VB because it hardly differs from the Hofstad group [a Jihadist terror network in the Netherlands, involved in the assassination of Theo van Gogh]. Though the VB members have not committed any violent crimes yet, they are just postponing them and waiting until they have an absolute majority. On many issues they have exactly the same opinions as the Muslim extremists: on the position of women, on the suppression of gays, on abortion. This way of thinking will lead straight to genocide.”

So, enough of this business about Hirsi Ali’s courage in the face of Islamic death threats, which requires us to treat her as our hero. Her denunciation of a leading conservative European political party as Nazi-like shows that she is as much of an enemy to the West as she is to traditionalist Islam. Anti-Islamists who make Ali their hero are deluding themselves and weakening the West.

Her statement also confirms in spades the rightness of my attack on the secularist anti-Islamist manifesto of she is a signatory. For example, I pointed out that the manifesto, by opposing “religious totalitarianism” instead of Islamic totalitarianism, was clearly targeting Christianity as well as Islam. Hirsi Ali, by her attempt to ban Christian parties and Christian moral values which she equates with Nazism, proves my point: by “religious totalitarianism,” she means Christianity as much as Islam. She wasn’t, as some of her American apologists have naively or disingenuously insisted, an innocent gulled into putting her name to an anti-Christian, anti-Western document. She is herself anti-Christian and anti-Western, unless, of course, we define the West as nothing but moral liberationism.

Which brings us to the next point. The same article at Brussels Journal also has amazing information about a perverted film that the Dutch government shows to prospective immigrants as an immigration test. If the person has any problems with footage of freaky leather-clad homosexuals kissing each other, he fails the test and can’t immigrate. I suppose this would keep out a lot of Muslims. But a country that adopts decadence and perversion as its official “culture” has destroyed itself, as surely as a country that freely permits Muslim to immigrate. And with Hirsi Ali, the Dutch get a two-fer: she is both a libertarian leftist (meaning she believes in absolute moral freedom for perversion but no ordinary political freedom for political parties that oppose rights for perversion) and she is a Muslim immigrant, who despite her apostasy from Islam seeks to ban “Islamophobia” and thus make it impossible for the West to protect itself from Islam.

This is by now a familiar pattern with non-Western immigrants. Conservatives eagerly search out and include in their ranks “conservative” immigrants, who then use their honored perch among the conservatives to silence any conservative opposition to the continued immigration or empowerment of their own national or religious group. Thus Ali, the Muslim who has supposedly turned against her own religion, now wants to outlaw a European political party for being “Islamophobic.” The lesson is that in seeking to solve the Muslim problem we cannot depend on Muslims, whether they are “moderates” or “apostates” or whatever; we must depend on ourselves.

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A reader writes:

Since I agree with Hirsi Ali you probably should remove me from your mailing list.

A reader writes from England:

Your post about Hirsi Ali is spot on. The trouble with all non-Western immigrants is the same, regardless of where they come from; they don’t like us. It is as simple as that. They like our countries as they want to live off the wealth which we and our ancestors have created and they want to enjoy the fruits of our hard work and creativity. In short they want something for nothing, a short cut to prosperity. Their motivation for coming to the West is purely economic. However their dislike of us persists and intensifies and their ultimate goal is to destroy our culture and societies.

Hirsi Ali is herself a controversial character whose claims to be in the Netherlands were built upon layers of deceptions. She has given various and conflicting stories about her identity and mode of arrival in Holland. Her basis for claiming asylum was opportunistic and controversial. Her political career is also based upon opportunism. Her critical stance towards Islam has endeared her to the “conservatives” who as you rightly said are so desperate to find any “moderate Moslem” that they will embrace a fraud like Hirsi Ali. This situation is manifest in the “conservatives” embrace of “westernised educated blacks” and “conservative ethnic minorities” whom the current “Conservative” Party in the UK is so desperate to encourage. In reality these peoples’ Westernisation is a superficial gloss like the icing of a cake. Underneath that façade their primary loyalty is to their own race and creed and they will work to support and enrich these at the expense of Westerners. Hirsi Ali makes a brave stance against Moslems but this is a smoke screen for her real agenda.

The Western countries have made a serious error giving non-Westerners citizenship. If non-Western labour is required, then they should be employed on visas and work permits. Citizenship should be a reward for exceptional contributions only and nothing else. That is how Japan, Saudi Arabia, Emirates and all the other Gulf States operate. Without citizenship, non-Western aliens would be ineligible for political or other leading positions. When they do have leading positions, Western countries become severely distorted. The Western people are paying for their own colonisation.

The West has been too open and will pay a severe price. We should look more to the Japanese model of social and economic organisation. This is a hugely successful country with a well developed economy, high educational standards, low crime and a virtual absence of troublesome aliens. There are no racial equality commissions or affirmative action programmes, diversity is not celebrated and there is no PC. How will Western countries compete in the future with a strong homogenous North Asia when we are being crippled and divided by a massive Third World invasion?

Howard Sutherland writes:

Your reader’s point about North Asia is well taken. Sadly, the bankers where I work are only too eager to fund China. As for Hirsi Ali, she should return to Somalia to fight genocide there, where it actually happens.


Mr. Particular Swede writes:

Well written about Hirsi Ali. And yes, my pragatism turned out wrong about her. I felt it sliding even before, but there comes a moment which tips the scale decisively. I had judged the net effect of what she was doing as positive until now. This is no longer the case. But I will not abandon my approach of pragmatism just for that. Our potential allies are too few. Look at yourself how you have felt it necessary to keep an open mind about Le Pen and his kind. We could have dencounced Ronald Reagan for seeing the Talibans as freedom fighters. But he did much good about that other issue. It’s not so easy to apply strict criteria in this world. That would have made us denounce Reagan too. Only Winston Churchill would have survived such strict criteria. He’s the only one that got it right about everyting already from the start: Nazism, Communism, Islam. So while I’m prepared to accept flaws in the picture, there come moments when the image changes decisively. And so it has about Hirsi Ali. She’s on the wrong side. And Paul Belien is right. There is indeed a three-way war in the West.

Another reader writes:

Vlams Belang is one of the most advanced Euro Right parties. They are much more sophisticated and middle-class than the BNP.

What’s most pathetic, in the position of “conservatives” you describe in this article, is their endless search for moral authority outside of ourselves. They are just terrified of saying that WE decide what is right and wrong on our soil.

This is a key point. The people and elites of the West must recover their sense of legitimacy as a people and civilization, they must again be able to say, “We decide what is right for us,” and stop depending on the kindness of strangers to validate their own legitimacy. Until that happens, the West will remain helpless.

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