It looks as though it wasn’t a flat tire

It appears the NYPD believes that Jeff Locker, murdered in his car Wednesday night near the Triborough Bridge, went to Harlem to visit prostitutes. This from a site called rant rave:

There’s a lot of crime in the headlines today.

In New York, the inspirational speaker Jeff Locker was found strangled and stabbed to death in his car. His hands were tied up and he had been robbed.

Jeff Locker, who claimed to have a faith-based speaking ability, was found dead at about 3 a.m. on Thursday, after he had bought condoms from a mini-mart in East Harlem. The police are investigating, but there aren’t many leads.

The Jeff Locker program is called “Vibrations For Success”—“a change from a Fear-based model to one that is Love-based” (sound familiar? Think Donnie Darko).

Jeff Locker had a wife and three children. His spouse, Lois, reported him missing after he was not in his house on Thursday morning. The cops are looking to see if Jeff Locker regularly visited prostitutes in East Harlem.

The NYPD said they are checking to see if Locker had regularly visited prostitutes on Wednesday nights.

RIP, Jeff.

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