Another pro-Miers blogger moves into the anti column

Having seen “Paul” at Powerline become a Miers opponent tonight on the basis of The Speech, I checked out “Captain Ed” at Captain’s Quarters and the result is identical. He’s read The Speech three times, and he’s appalled, both by Miers’s substandard communications skills (of which he gives several pungent examples) and by her liberal beliefs, though there was plenty of evidence of both of those things a week or ten days ago. He concludes (and notice the hard, out-of-character tone he takes toward the administration, indicating he has really had it):

I’m off the fence for good now. I oppose the Miers nomination. I have no objection to allowing Miers her day in front of the Judiciary Committee; if the Bush adminstration wants to subject itself to that kind of political damage, let it. The quality of her prepared speech strongly suggests that the White House will deeply regret that decision, but quite frankly, that will be their problem. The Judiciary Committee should reject her, as should the Senate, once her nomination hits the floor. [Italics added.]

But if the White House has any sense left, they’ll quickly withdraw her from consideration and spare itself further embarrassment.

Hugh Hewitt, however, is still holding out for Harriet, on the basis that she has worked in the White House during the war on terror and that this gives her the knowledge and experience to be a good justice. Both I and Captain Ed have said tonight that the only thing awaiting the administration if they move forward with the nomination is more and more embarrassment. But Hewitt, not bothered in the slightest by The Speech, seems beyond embarrassment. In the end, the pro-Miers camp may come down to President Bush, Harriet Miers, and Hugh Hewitt, the true loyalists.

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