Another quote of the week (this week has had many great quotes)

In response to Obama’s astounding remark that the reason the voters of Massachusetts chose Republican Scott Brown over Democrat Martha Coakley and thus destroyed the Democratic Party’s revolutionary legislative agenda was that they were angry at eight years of Republican President Bush, Mark Steyn writes:

Presumably, the president isn’t stupid enough actually to believe what he said. But it’s dispiriting to discover he’s stupid enough to think we’re stupid enough to believe it.

I just want to add to this perfect remark (I’ve never denied that Steyn has his moments) that liberalism makes its adherents stupid, because it requires them to believe that all kinds of fantastical things are true and that all kinds of true things are false. But if Obama keeps making remarks such as the above, at a certain point people are going to start to wonder whether his stupidity is due only to his liberalism.

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