It’s not the oceans that are sinking, but Obama!

I am not a person who pays a lot of attention to polls. I have not shared the mainstream conservatives’ lustful delectation of each slight downward tick in Obama’s approval ratings. But this impresses me. Dick Morris writes:

Scott Rasmussen, whose poll measures likely voters and is an especially good indicator of public attitudes, now has Obama’s job approval dropping to 46%. Zogby, the other good poll, has him at 45%. These surveys suggest that healthcare reform and the continuing bad economy are driving Obama down at a record clip.

For the messiah to be down to 45 percent approval rating within eight months of taking office is astonishing. It’s great and heartening news.

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LA writes:

We should add that the Rasmussen poll and Zogby are not representative. Several other polls, listed at RCP, shows Obama’s approval rating above 50 percent.

Michael writes:

You forgot to mention one important thing though: his 45 percent approval rating does not include the 91-97 percent approval rating he has with Black people, thus the white approval for Mein Obama is shrinking very fast.

Sorry, really enjoy that website, SBPDL,com, which coined the phrase Mein Obama, which I think is better than the Messiah, because he is their president, not ours.

Karl D. writes:

What really ticks me off about these polls is that these disillusioned voters are most likely those same seniors who voted him in! The “Let’s give him a chance” or “maybe its time for a change” or “he cant be any worse then Bush” guilty white seniors who are now screaming bloody murder at the town hall’s! On a separate note. Have you seen the photos of the sleeping GW bridge “Security guards”. What does he and the other sleepers running the subways have in common? I am so sick of saying ‘Black” to myself before they even show the perpetrators photos on a myriad of these types of stories. Once again, THIS is would would be in charge of running “Public option”. Political correctness is more important then death itself.

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