Marine Le Pen loves the state

Tiberge of Galliawatch writes:

Much is being written about Marine Le Pen at the right-wing websites. Few of the reports I’ve read are unreservedly confident in her ability to lead the Front National as a party of tradition. Most recognize her qualities as a debater on television and her strong personality, but everyone seems to be waiting for her to let the mask fall and admit openly that she is ideologically a jacobin (meaning she is for centralized State control over everything including the regions with their separate identities, as was the French Revolution) and tolerant of Islam within the framework of “laïcité.” Here is a short article from Novopress, the news agency of the Bloc Identitaire: [cont.]

From the quoted article it emerges that Marine Le Pen’s passion is for the French state, not for protecting the French nation from immigration. However, I can’t say I’m disappointed, as I haven’t expected anything positive from the National Front for years. France needs a different nationalist party.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at January 20, 2011 07:50 AM | Send

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