The real meaning of liberalism: making whites the slaves of nonwhites

Here is the Joseph Kennedy III principle of “fairness” being applied in New Zealand.

Commonwealth Contrarion writes:

During New Zealand’s Waitaingi Day celebrations this week there was a classic illustration of why the liberal left continues to pressure whites in western countries into giving more resources to other races.

The nation’s race-relation conciliator Jores de Bres used the opportunity to complain that Pakeha (a Maori term for European New Zealanders) were continuing to resist moves to give “special treatment” to Maori. Mr de Bres argued this was unreasonable because Maori were, on average, economically worse off than whites. This is in spite of numerous land settlements and affirmation action opportunities awarded to Maori since the mid 1980s.

Thus inequality of outcome is the reason why the left continues to complain about white racism in developed countries like New Zealand. Providing equality of opportunity, plus reparations for colonisation and cultural subsidies (such as funding for indigenous languages) is not considered good enough. As with the middle class in a communist society, whites in a liberal society must continue to make sacrifices to non-whites, until their incomes are, on average the same as the lowest performing ethnicities.

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