Student shot dead, 11 others wounded, at fraternity house party in Ohio

When I was a kid, college fraternities were not associated in the public mind with shootings and killings. But today we’re not surprised to read about a group of men, angered over something that someone had said to them at a fraternity house party, leaving the party and returning with guns and shooting 11 people, one of them fatally. Why are we not surprised?

The Mail, as always, reports black mayhem which other media organs remain silent about, but without mentioning race. The only racial clues it provides in its story on the fraternity attack at Youngstown State University are the name of the murdered student, Jamail Johnson, and the behavior of the killers themselves, which is such typically black behavior that the average sentient reader would know instantly that the incident involved blacks. The Mail doesn’t bother telling us what a quick Google search tells us, that Omega Psi Phi, the fraternity where the shooting took place, “is the first African-American national fraternal organization to be founded at a historically black college. Omega Psi Phi was founded on November 17, 1911, at Howard University in Washington, D.C.”

Two men arrested in deadly fraternity shooting that killed one student and wounded eleven

Two men have been arrested in a deadly Ohio shooting.

They were allegedly angry over a dispute during a fraternity house party, left the gathering and returned early Sunday morning, spraying bullets into a crowd and killing a Youngstown State University student who was trying to separate two groups.

Jamail Johnson, 25, died when he was shot once in the head and multiple times on his hips and legs during the party, reports show.

The shooting happened on the north side of the city at the university-sanctioned Omega Psi Phi fraternity.

Eleven other people were injured, including a 17-year-old with a critical head wound.

The two men were arrested and charged later Sunday with aggravated murder, shooting into a house and eleven counts of felonious assault, according to Youngstown police.

The suspects are in their early 20s but their names are being withheld pending further investigation.

‘These guys were in the location for a little while before the shooting occurred,’ police Chief Jimmy Hughes said.

‘Something happened that they became unhappy. They had some type of altercation.’

[LA replies: Isn’t that the standard description of about 90 percent of black mayhem and murder? It’s not behavior normally asssociated with human beings, or even with animals Among male animals of the same species, for a killing to occur, there has to be some kind of build-up to a big duel. But among blacks, a single word or gesture denoting lack of respect results instantly in murder.]

The shooting occurred at a two-story brick house in a neighborhood of once-elegant homes, many of which are now boarded up. The house party had been bustling with 50 or more people early Sunday, Hughes said.

‘Somebody just got shot!’ a caller tells a dispatcher on a recording of the 911 call.

The 11 wounded people, including six students, were taken to St. Elizabeth Medical Centre.

Eight have since been discharged, according to a hospital spokesman.

Injured: The 11 wounded people, including six students, were taken to St. Elizabeth Medical Centre. Eight have since been discharged, according to a hospital spokesman

Police have increased their presence on the campus, but said there was no further threat to the university.

Neighbour Rodger Brown, 54, said the area where the shooting took place was a ‘nice, quiet neighborhood’.

There were often parties on Friday and Saturday nights at the fraternity house, but they had not caused problems in the neighborhood, he said.

The men living in the house were friendly and once offered him a beer and a lift as he walked home last Autumn, he added.

Speaking at the hospital this morning, YSU President Cynthia Anderson told WKBN: ‘I want to express my deepest sympathies to the family of the student who died in this tragic act of violence and to ask everyone to keep him and the other students in their thoughts and prayers.

‘It is a sad day for the YSU family.’ [LA replies: One of her students was murdered and eleven others wounded in a savage gun attack at her university, and she calls it a “tragic act of violence.”]

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Matthew S. writes:

In another story I read about the shooting the victims were said to be between 17 and 31 years of age. What in the world was a 31 year old doing at a fraternity party? When I was in college and an active member at my fraternity the presence of anyone over 25 was considered kind of fishy (“Who is the old guy?”). The victim, described as a student, was said to be 25. A 25 year old undergrad? Maybe if he is in school on the GI bill but I have my doubts that is the case …

Here is the text of the AP Story as hosted on Yahoo:

“The Mahoning County coroner’s office identified the dead student as 25-year-old Jamail E. Johnson. He was shot once in the head and multiple times on his hips and legs, and an autopsy is planned Monday, said Dr. Joseph Ohr, a forensic pathologist with the coroner’s office.

The 11 people who were hurt ranged in age from 17 to 31, and about half of them were shot in the foot, police said. Two were hit in the abdomen, and the most seriously hurt was a 17-year-old who had a critical wound near one ear.”

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