The diversity paradigm—and the need to resist it

Stephen Hopewell at The Heritage American reflects on the process by which synthetic images of “diversity,” the carefully calculated mix of racial and ethnic types and of the sexes (e.g., the multiracial group with a white woman as its focus and no white man in sight, the constant pairing of a white woman with a black man), has developed and spread in entertainment, advertising, TV news, corporate and government brochures and other media, becoming in the process the unquestioned symbol by which our society—and indeed all modern Western societies, including Israel—represents itself. He closes with this:

Though it may be easier to go with the flow, I can’t accept the culture we Americans are now being presented with. It all starts with immigration, and though it may seem that the “horse is out of the barn” with respect to Hispanic and other non-European immigration, we must continue to resist this colonization of the United States which now continues clearly for the benefit of the groups coming in, not those already here. And whatever the results may be, we traditional Americans are going to have to find a way to live in our own society so we can be ourselves. It starts with refusing to accept the status quo, and challenging it wherever and however we can.

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