The courtier media’s “excuse” for crass Spain vacation

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Inside story of Michelle’s trip
Chicago Sun-Times, by Lynn Sweet

Original Article

WASHINGTON—Michelle Obama and daughter Sasha returned from Spain on Sunday, a vacation at a lavish hotel on the Mediterranean coast that triggered her first controversy since becoming first lady. I’m told she made the trip because she promised one of her closest friends, a longtime Chicago pal who just lost her father, she would spend time with her.


This is the real story? She was only fulfilling a promise to spend time with a bereaved friend? It is now understood that any further criticism of big MO and her taxpayer-funded million $$ sojourn abroad is not not only crass and ignorant but insensitive, even cruel.

Reply 2—Posted by: avidyananda, 8/9/2010 5:44:57 AM

The woman is entitled to her private life. But the most remarkable thing to me is the entourage of thirty or forty friends. How many friends do most people have who can afford the air fare to Spain and five days in a five star hotel and meals at very expensive restaurants? That’s a pretty big group of very wealthy friends. Was the trip paid for by Michelle? Where does she get that kind of money? If taxpayers payed for that kind of luxury vacation for so many people, there is a major problem for this seemingly very dumb woman. As Mark Simon wrote, this is “beyond tone deaf,” and I say, consistent with the president and his leadership.

Reply 3—Posted by: daisey, 8/9/2010 5:48:14 AM

Puhleeze. Michelle could have comforted her friend here in the states. So all this, the security, the visit with the king and queen of Spain, the 60 rooms was done on the spur of the moment? If she was comforting her friend, why the other thirty five people? Sounds more like a party on the taxpayer dime to me. Shut down the beaches for the queen of the U.S., just like they opened shops for her in Paris on a Sunday. If, indeed, Michelle was empathetic, she would, as first lady of this nation, have taken into account the state of the economy here and people who are doing without. She could have gone to Reynold’s Plantation and helped the economy here. Fact, she doesn’t give a rat’s behind about the “little people.” It’s all about her.

Reply 4—Posted by: peedaddy, 8/9/2010 5:58:05 AM

How cheesy to use the death of some poor old guy as an excuse to jet set around the world on our dime while the nation suffers.

Reply 5—Posted by: Spidey, 8/9/2010 6:07:32 AM

Well they are feeling the backlash from this so they put out this sob story which is digging the hole deeper. She could have just bought her friend a CD of violin music.

Reply 6—Posted by: MsCharlotteVale, 8/9/2010 6:09:29 AM

I thought it was because Sasha wanted to go to Marbella. If you want to console a friend, you don’t take an entourage and you don’t have to spend millions of dollars. How stupid do they think we are? I’d prefer the real “inside story,” Lynn. Write again when you can do better.

Reply 7—Posted by: strike3, 8/9/2010 6:11:47 AM

“She felt it was important as a dear friend to do this,”

Awww, wasn’t that so special? Now I feel bad for criticizing the First Wookie for spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars. She was just trying to make a friend feel good. What a selfless, caring woman she must be to make a sacrifice like that.

Reply 8—Posted by: JAN, 8/9/2010 6:14:17 AM

People like the Obama’s only have close friends that are bought and paid for.

Reply 9—Posted by: sinic, 8/9/2010 6:22:14 AM

It must be hard for Ms. Sweet, working 2 jobs and all. I wonder how much she gets paid from Wookie to write this drivel BS? Is it part time work, you know, like only when the shirt hits the fan?

Reply 10—Posted by: VeteranAmerican, 8/9/2010 6:26:05 AM

You have to surgically remove Sweetie’s lips from My Belles ample butt. Anything she writes about obywon and his family should be taken with a grain of salt. She is one of the biggest obambi apologizers.

Reply 11—Posted by: bf rounder, 8/9/2010 6:32:02 AM

I thought it was a “mother-daugher” trip—now it was a girls trip … MO looked terrible when she went to meet the King of Spain—she literally “ate and ran!” and was only there for little over 2 hours! Spanish lunches take longer than that—I think she just fit that in to get our money to pay for a part of the trip—how rude!

Reply 12—Posted by: Jenfidel, 8/9/2010 6:37:18 AM

ME-shell better hurry up with her child obesity programs—that Sasha is getting chubbier by the day!

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Karl D. writes:

I am sorry but this really gave me a chuckle. No matter how much money or breeding, there is something in black culture that requires huge entourages whenever going on vacation. Unlike Michelle Obama It is usually family that makes up the majority of American blacks on holiday. If you have ever been on a cruise, the American south or to the Caribbean you may have witnessed this. Aunts, Uncles, Nieces, Nephews, unlimited numbers of cousins. Entire generations of a single family can be found on one or two floors of a hotel. I knew a guy who worked at a hotel in Miami years ago who had to deal with mob scenes like this. He absolutely hated it. They would usually be demanding beyond reason, abusive, destructive and in the end they would either leave pitiful tips or none at all. Actually, ask most waiters and waitresses who are the worst tippers and most abusive customers and the answer is always the same. And God help you if you don’t move quick enough to their liking? The “R” word and a crappy tip will be your reward. I speak from experience.

LA replies:

And what about the outfit Michelle wore when meeting King Juan Carlos? She goes sleeveless to meet a king. And what her daughter wore was worse.

What this is about, very simply, is the self-assertiveness of the African American against the Man. Michelle’s patronizing pat on the back to Queen Elizabeth, Barack’s bows to nonwhite foreign leaders, Michelle’s sleeveless visit to the Spanish king, it’s all about getting in the face of the Man. The reliably off-base liberal hack Kersten Powers writing in today’s New York Post lamented that Michelle’s crass and “tone deaf” Spanish vacation was inadvertently fueling GOP attacks on Obama. She doesn’t realize that this behavior represents, not some mere error on the Obamas’ part, but an essential expression of what they are. It is their version of the black street people who deliberately get in the way of traffic, as discussed by Kevin V.

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