From monarchy to republicanism, from republicanism to democracy, and from democracy to … blondeocracy?

In a photo essay, “Justice in Female-Run America,” Kidist Paulos Asrat reflects on the absurdity (not to mention the corrosive destructiveness) of the increasingly prevalent phenomenon of females occupying high public leadership positions. Kidist’s main subject is the dyed-blonde, way-too-youthful-looking Florida Attorney General with the Playboy Bunny name Pam Bondi.

Blonde babe Attorney General speaks while deferential gray haired solons listen

The new paradigm: the Attorney General with her live-in boyfriend

Brandon F. writes:

Notice in the top picture you post of her she is wearing what looks like a smock. She looks like the priestess of a cult with her older bishops in the back in their all black seriousness.

LA replies:

Yes, the priestess of the cult of Female Empowerment.

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