Beware of random men!

Cicero at The Big Lie on Parade writes:

Back in May of this year a woman named Sharlotte McGill was attacked on a trail next to the Spokane river and stabbed multiple times. Before she died in the hospital she managed to describe her attacker: a teenaged black male with a “crazy eye.” Police as of yet had made no arrests. This past Thursday another woman walking on that same trail was attacked. She screamed and a good Samaritan came to her aid and chased the attacker who was eventually apprehended. The man arrested is a seventeen year old black male named Avondre Graham. And guess what? He also happens to have one crazy looking eye….

… Be sure to watch the video below. The female reporter takes the word “random” to new heights of idiocy. We have become used to hearing the victims referred to as “random targets” or “victims of random violence.” This reporter now claims that the victim was attacked by a “random man”! …

LA replies:

In the news segment, the cute reporterette on scene, named Katie Steiner, says, “On Thursday at 4:30 p.m. Debbie Watkins was walking on the Centennial Trail right around here when a random man came up to her and began attacking her.”

Steiner then explains that the man approached Watkins and asked her what time it was. She stopped and pulled out her cell phone to get the time, and then he attacked her. She only survived because a worker nearby, Joshua Gahel, a veteran, chased the attacker. The attacker leaped into the river that runs by the park, swam to the other side to escape, and police arrested him there.

The story gives rise to our next rule on how to avoid being victimized by black violence. If you are walking alone on an isolated trail in an urban park, especially a trail where a white woman was famously stabbed to death by a black man four months ago, and a black man comes up to you and asks you for the time, do not stop and give him the time. Walk—or, better, run—away.

Of course that rule would not be necessary if a prior rule were observed: If a white woman was stabbed to death while walking alone in broad daylight on an urban park trail four months ago and the murder has not been solved, and if you are a white woman, do not go walking alone and unarmed on that same trail.

Of course Katie Steiner did not indicate that there was anything untoward in the most recent victim’s behavior.

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Forta Leza writes:

I think the principle is more broad: If you are in public and a black person approaches you for any reason, do not engage with him. Just say something vague and KEEP WALKING. (Actually Derbyshire made basically the same point.)

When I have stopped to talk to a black person who had approached me, at least 90 percent of the time it was some kind of scam usually involving a request for money.

And a corollary: If you are alone in the woods, keep walking but say something that will make the person think you are not alone, e.g., “Ask my husband, he’ll be along in a minute.”

That said, girls should not be walking in the woods without a male escort.

LA replies:

Of course I agree with your and Derbyshire’s broader principle; his list of rules is permanently posted at VFR, as well as our revision and continuing expansion of it. But, as seen in our ever-expanding list, I think it is instructive, as well as funny, to make rules out of specific incidents that have actually occurred. It’s one thing to say, as a general rule: “If a black person approaches you, avoid him or say something vague and keep walking.” It’s another thing to say: “If you are a white woman walking alone and unarmed on an isolated path in a city park where a white woman was stabbed to death by a young black man four months ago and the killer has not been found, and a young black man comes up to you and asks you for the time, do not stop and give him the time.” The latter rule, warning people not to do something that a white woman actually did (and she avoided serious harm or death only because a white man who was nearby came to her rescue), demonstrates in concrete terms how fantastically idiotic whites are, and how evil the media and police are to refuse to warn them against such fantastically idiotic behavior.

Paul K., the author of VFR’s revised version of Derbyshire’s rules, writes:

I like your explanation of your highly specific rules. You are approaching it like a parent who realizes that in order to have any impact on his child’s behavior he must give him specific rules for every instance. A broad rule, like “Don’t talk to strangers,” will not suffice. He must add, “Don’t talk to strangers, even if they offer you candy or say they’re searching for a lost puppy.”

LA writes:

I repeat a story I think I’ve told before. I knew a woman, a cousin of an in-law, who around 25 years ago was walking in a park near Boston when a strange man (I don’t think he was black) came up to her and began walking alongside her. The path she was walking on, which was in an open area, went into a woods. Instead of getting away from the man, she continued walking into the woods with the man at her side. As soon as they were in the woods, he stabbed her in the neck. Fortunately she survived.

The woman, a Massachusetts Jewish liberal, lacked the instinct—the simple, obvious instinct of danger—to get away from this strange man. That would not have been nice. The liberal instinct of niceness totally overrode the instinct of survival. So she walked into the woods with the strange man at her side and almost died as a result.

James P. writes:

An old poem:

As I was standing in the street,
As quiet as could be,
A great big ugly man came up,
And tied his horse to me.

Revised for the modern age:

As I was jogging in the park,
As quiet as could be,
A great big random man came up,
And stuck a knife in me.

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