Are Asian men voting Democratic to get revenge on white men?

Richard S. writes:

At the HBD blog Half Sigma, a male Asian commenter has theorized that his fellow male Asians vote Democratic because of an unconscious desire to get back at white men for taking their women. Here is the comment (which appears halfway down the page):

Also there is a major reason that many Asian MALES vote democrat that no one, to my knowledge has brought up yet. Namely the reason is that the Democrat party is pretty much explicitly anti-white male. The majority of Asian American males (whether they openly admit to it or not), dislike seeing their women poached by white guys. Thus, Asian guys see a vote for democrats as a way to get back at white males. I’m not necessarily proposing that they are fully conscious of this, but I can guarantee you that that kind of motivation exists right below the surface. Furthermore, the Democrat party is also known as the party of black people (black men). And who else is better at “getting back at whitey” than the black man? So in a nutshell, Asian American males also vote democrat in order to empower black males in a proxy war against the white males who are stealing the Asian girls. Do you doubt any of this? Then ask yourself why such a large percentage of young, Asian American males are absolutely enamored with rap music and basketball; like I implied earlier, Asian American males love this stuff simply because they are trying to live vicariously through “super alpha” black males who can poach the women of the white man that is poaching all the women of the Asian men. Basically the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Sexual frustration + feelings of vengeance = Democrat voter.

[end of comment.]

What do you think? It’s certainly a theory that would make a lot of people uncomfortable. As such, it will never be touched on by the media, and probably not even the conservative blogosphere.

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Paul K. writes:

I believe there is truth to the theory posted by the Half-Sigma commenter. I have a Japanese-American friend I’ve known for decades. He is very successful, married to a white woman, and they have an adult daughter. Nevertheless, he has a resentment against white society that boils up occasionally. For example, after “Sideways” came out, he was furious that one of the white heroes in the movie is depicted having an affair with an Asian woman, played by Sandra Oh. He feels we never see Asian men in movies romancing white women and this makes him angry, despite the fact that he is in such a relationship in real life. Also, he told me that he was happy about the election of Barack Obama as it meant that someone like his daughter might have a chance to be president some day. In other words, whites must be displaced before opportunities are open to other races.

Aditya B. writes:

The commenter at Half-Sigma writes:

Sexual frustration + feelings of vengeance = Democrat vote

Beautiful. Succinct. True.

I would add two more quantities to that equation:

Sexual frustration + inferiority complex + envy of whites + feelings of vengeance = Democrat vote/leftist

I’ll admit to similar rage when I see white men “poaching” Indian women. But the fact of the matter is that white men, like white women, are on top of the sexual food chain. I believe they call the tendency of women to marry up “hypergamy.”

All the vitriol spouted against whites reveals one indisputable reality: non-white envy of whites, as best expressed in the unbelievable filthy Portnoy’s Complaint by Phillip Roth. He gets to the heart of matter and lays bare the feelings of inadequacy and inferiority, of New York Jews at least, when confronted with white gentiles. You’ll be able to glean the same envy by reading anything by the tiresome Rabindranath Tagore. Or the even more tiresome “Indian” authors (writers based in the West composing unreadable stories of “discrimination” etc.) such as Monica Ali, Jhumpa Lahiri & Co.

At the end of the day, minorities want to live in white countries, in white neighborhoods, sleep with (and, if possible, marry) white women (and men). That is a basic and indisputable fact. Dating and marrying white women (and men) is the ultimate status symbol in the Indian community where all considerations of caste and blood are tossed aside for the burra sahib. A shameless and pathetic race that deserves nothing but contempt.

So this equation explains the leftist bent of virtually every non-white male. How do we explain white males voting themselves into extinction?

LA replies:

Philip Roth is a disgusting human being, and hyper-ethnocentric, and he sees the world through that distorted lens. I am of Jewish background, and I was born and raised in New Jersey and in the same county as Roth, and have lived most of my life in the New York area, yet I personally have never met a Jew a fraction as ethno-centric as Roth. I’m sure that the sort of poisonous sexual envy of Jews for white gentiles that Roth talks about exists (and we see a significant element of it in many post-Sixties Jewish-produced movies), but I don’t think it is typical.

However, nonwhite sexual envy of whites clearly exists, and is a major reason why mass immigration of nonwhites into a white country is a terrible mistake. The deep resentment of many Eastern European Jews for white gentiles is also a reason why America was right to reduce drastically the southern and eastern European immigration including that of Jews in the early 1920s.

Karl D. writes:

I wish young white men voted using the same logic. With all the young white women flocking to black males, Obama would have been a goner.

Michael Reagan writes:

That may be a bit of a reach. By this line of thinking, black women must also be frustrated at the large number of black men that date and marry outside their race, and yet they are also voting Democratic.

In my opinion, the Republicans likely appear to many Asians as similar to the Democrats but are more rigid in their thinking. Remember the poll last year in which 46 percent of Mississippi Republicans wanted to ban interracial marriage. That is not likely to appeal to many Asian women in particular—or many women in general. Perhaps the Asians feel that too many Republicans yearn for a return to the days of a whiter, simpler America in which other races knew their place. As demographics change, however, I do believe the Republicans will reach out more to their like-minded East-Asian voters.

LA replies:

I don’t understand this comment at all. But perhaps the fault is in me, not the comment, so I”ve posted it.

Bruce B. writes:

Half Sigma suggests here that it’s religion, i.e. it’s the Christianity, stupid! If this is true then it still comes down to alienation from the historic American majority and is driven by Asians’ Otherness. I think it’s driven by racial, cultural, and religious Otherness.

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