From Terry Morris

Terry Morris writes:

Dear Mr. Auster, please update your readers with the following information concerning the condition of my injured daughter Sarah:

Sarah was released from the hospital Wednesday at about 12:00 pm local time. We got her home at around 3:00 pm, where she’s been resting as comfortably as can be expected ever since. The neighbors in our tight-knit little community have been showering her with get-well gifts as well, and I think she’s rather enjoying all of the attention they’re heaping on her. (Everybody loves sweet little Sarah.) :-)

Surgery was performed on Sarah’s arm early Tuesday morning, where the docs pinned her elbow back together, splinted and wrapped it, then kept her overnight while she recovered from the initial sickness induced by the anesthesia and strong pain meds they were giving her immediately following surgery. But she eventually pulled through that like a little trooper.

Other than a slight additional swelling issue in the extremeties of her arm, which we were monitoring very closely during the course of the night Wednesday-Thursday, and which eventually subsided, she seems to be doing exceptionally well. We’re even seeing a return of the old happy-go-lucky, likes-to-aggravate-everyone Sarah coming forth, which is a good indication that she’s feeling much, much better now. If everything looks good this coming Monday when we see the doc again, she’ll be getting a more permanent cast on her arm. Thanks so much to your readers for their prayers and well wishes.


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