The immortal spirit of Amy Biehl

John Hagan writes:

I thought this was a joke, but it’s not. In Albuquerque, New Mexico, there is a charter school named Amy Biehl High School, where you can sacrifice your children on the altar of diversity.

LA replies:

Yes, but the problem with the school is that none of its graduates have gone on to college, because, in conformity with the life and death of the school’s namesake, the senior project is to work as an activist in a black country and get yourself murdered there by an anti-white mob, after which your parents forgive the murderers and hire them to work for a foundation named in your honor.

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May 24

Kevin V. writes:

Have you ever seen footage of the BBC coverage of the Biehl murder trial in South Africa? I wish I could find it. It was a heavy blow to me in my transformation from left-wing activist to whatever it is I am now. The one image seared into my head was the black women and men in the gallery mocking and laughing at the Biehl parents while the murder was described by a witness, followed by an interview with the father after the day’s proceedings in which he says he has pity for those who were mocking him because they obviously don’t understand what they are doing. I try and try to imagine a father of a daughter unmoved in any normal way by such a scene—and obviously feeling superior and virtuous because of it!—and the only thing I can conclude is that he and I must be a completely different species.

May 24, 10:30 p.m.

Alex K. writes:

To add to what Kevin V. said about the father’s reaction to the laughing and mocking from the gallery. In addition to being inhumanly unmoved, the man seemed to be applying some sort of liberal block to the logical implication about the people he was describing. He said he pitied them because they didn’t know what they were doing. Well, he’d be right about that in the sense that they had much lower IQ and empathy than we’re used to in a white majority country. But presumably a liberal like Mr. Biehl can’t bring himself to admit that, so he must blame this inability to know what they are doing on some form of racism. So he not only has an inhuman sense of detachment from the crime against his daughter but he presumably has to formulate a reality in his mind that is warped enough to accommodate the idea that such bestial behavior is the result of white racism and not blacks low IQ and low empathy.

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