Against Islamization and the EU (but what about immigration?)

Fjordman sends the below quote from an essay of his posted at Jihad Watch, arguing that the European Union needs to be dismantled if the Islamization of Europe is to be halted. He notes that there is going to be a demonstration against the Islamization of the continent in the EU capital of Brussels on September 11th.

Why the European Union Must Go

It was clearly perceived Western weakness, not aggression, which led to the terror attacks of 9/11, and Americans themselves made significant contributions to this. Even otherwise good presidents such as Ronald Reagan never fully understood how to deal with Muslims. Still, even though Americans made contributions to this problem, too, which they did, it is undeniable that Western appeasement of Muslims started with Western European surrender to Arab physical and financial (oil embargo) terrorism in the 1970s and became institutionalized through the Euro-Arab Dialogue. This appeasement contributed to the resurgence of Jihad that now spans several continents.

The European Union is by its advocates presented as an organization devoted to promoting “peace.” The EU never had anything to do with peace; it was and is a naked power grab by European elites who have used it to wage a cultural and demographic war against the very peoples and nations they were supposed to represent. Their appeasement of Muslims not only constitutes a threat to the survival of Europe, which it certainly does, it has destabilized the situation far beyond the borders of Europe. The Euro-Arab cooperation thus represents a threat to world peace. And since this cooperation has become a deeply entrenched feature of the EU, this leads to only one possible conclusion: The European Union must be dismantled as soon as possible.

PS: Former Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovksy fears that the European Union is on its way to becoming another Soviet Union. In a speech, he called the EU a “monster” that must be destroyed: “The sooner we finish with the EU the better. The sooner it collapses the less damage it will have done to us and to other countries. But we have to be quick because the Eurocrats are moving very fast. It will be difficult to defeat them. Today it is still simple. If one million people march on Brussels today these guys will run away to the Bahamas.”

The organization Stop Islamisation Of Europe (SIOE) has received permission to stage a demonstration in Brussels against the Islamization of Europe this September 11th. Whether there will be one million demonstrators is doubtful, but it should be possible to gather enough people to get noticed. Citizens of Britain, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Italy or any other EU member state concerned with Islamic inroads in their country should turn up and protest.

Since the Islamization of Europe is actively and deliberately championed by the EU on a daily basis, fighting Islamization is in my view inseparable from fighting the EU itself. At the very least, demonstrators should carry banners advocating abolishing the Euro-Arab Dialogue, dismantling the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly, the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures as well as all other instruments for Euro-Mediterranean and Eurabian cooperation. The EU should ban all direct or indirect aid to the Palestinians and distribute this to the defense of our civilizational cousin Israel, it should cease promoting a blatantly false view of Islamic Jihad during 1300 years in European schools and it should immediately halt all talks with Turkey regarding EU membership. Enough is enough.

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Political Junkie, a Swedish blogger, has sent me his post in which he criticizes the anti-Islamization march for ignoring Muslim immigration.

Neocon muteness on immigration—again!

Are “anti-jihadist” and “neocon” synonymous? The appeal of Fjordman at View from the Right for the demonstration in Brussels on September 11 th, against Islamization, doesn’t mention the necessity to stop all Muslim immigration. Instead: “Citizens of Britain, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Italy or any other EU member state concerned with Islamic inroads in their country should turn up and protest.”

What “inroads”? Why not be more specific?

Are demands to stop immigration banned from the demonstration to save it from criticism of being “anti-immigrant”?

Here are the appeals of the demonstration:






There’s more in Political Junkie’s blog entry, not all of which I quite follow, including an analogy between PC Roberts / Restrictionists and Neocons / Anti-Islamization.

Also, I have previously written about the Stop Islamization of Europe organization, criticizing if for the same reason that Political Junkie does—its total silence on immigration.

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Jeff in England writes:

So once again it seems that a protest against Islam in Europe does not involve the immigration restriction option. Predictably insane.

Another aspect of these protests against Islam in Europe is that they do not seem to cater to the many liberals and leftists and counterculture people who are most directly threatened by Muslim immigration. This was brought home to me last night in a conversation I had with a British leftist who lives in Amsterdam in an area which is now mostly Muslim. He hates Muslim culture which he feels is against a lot of the progressive ideas which he believes in. He has had a lot of problems living among Muslims. Leftist and liberals and counterculture people have the most to lose from a Muslim takeover. But he also feels that the anti-Muslim movement is a right wing thing.

So here’s the question. Should conservative immigration restrictionists make an effort to make closer alliances with liberal and left potential immigration restrictionists in order to stop Islam from taking over Europe? From a conservative point of view is this an alliance worth making?

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