Why Jews welcome Muslims, cont.

A reader has brought to my attention a brilliant joke made by Julia Gorin at the Preserving Western Civilization conference in February 2009, just a couple of weeks after Obama became president. I attended and spoke at that conference, but had not remembered this particular line of Gorin’s, delivered in her after-dinner remarks on Saturday night:

But you see, to a Jew there is no greater accomplishment than getting a black man into the White House. The thinking goes: “Our work is done. It’s OK if the Muslims come kill us now.”

As the author of an article several years ago at FrontPage Magazine called “Why Jews Welcome Muslims,” I must say that in sheer psychological insight into the mindset of liberal Jews, Gorin’s line surpasses anything I had to say on the subject.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, naturally, thought Gorin’s joke was horrible.

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