The incipient liberal-atheist tyranny

Last weekend I posted without fanfare a blog article in the midst of so many other entries that it might have been missed. I hope readers will take a look at it. Its theme is that the New Atheists, in their aggressive drive to label religious people as (at best) mental defectives and to drive them and religion out of society, represent the vanguard of the liberal project, the ultimate end of which is tyranny.

Does that sound extreme? Then consider this Reuters report (discussed here) from October 2007:

The Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly approved a resolution saying attacks on the theory of evolution were rooted “in forms of religious extremism” and amounted to a dangerous assault on science and human rights.

Also look at the entry, “Split infinitives and liberal intimidation,” posted early this morning, which includes Richard Dawkins’s remark that critics of Darwinism are “insane,” and a description of the infamous Soviet practice of confining political dissidents to mental hospitals.

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James P. writes:

It might be an amusing exercise to reflect on what else the liberals will regard as a mental disorder in their future utopia. Racism? Belief in the free market? Desire to own guns? Climate change denial? Advocacy of America as a distinct nation state?

Charles T. writes:

Christopher Hitchens was on Dennis Prager today. I cannot remember the exact wording of one of Prager’s question but Hitchens responded by stating that he wanted victory over theocratic regimes and over religion itself.

What kind of victory would that be and what would Mr. Hitchens do to those who refused to give up their religious beliefs because Hitchens demands they do so?

LA replies:

Hitchens is unspeakable and I don’t speak about him. What I find contemptible is the conservatives and patriots who consider Hitchens an ally because he’s against Islam. These beyond-stupids don’t recognize that Hitchens regards our own society (insofar as people in it believe in God) as his enemy as much as he regards Islam as his enemy.

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