Even the Times’ number one Republican-hater is recognizing there’s something wrong in Obamaland

Frank Rich, whom one could describe as unutterably loathsome if one could focus one’s attention on him long enough to take in how loathsome he really is, has written a rare column in which he denounces, not the evil of Republicans, but the follies of Obama:

After his “shellacking,” President Obama had to do something. But who had the bright idea of scheduling his visit to India for right after this election? The Democrats’ failure to create jobs was at the heart of the shellacking. Nothing says “outsourcing” to the American public more succinctly than India. But the White House didn’t figure this out until the eve of Obama’s Friday departure, when it hastily rebranded his trip as a jobs mission. Perhaps the president should visit one of the Indian call centers policing Americans’ credit-card debts to feel our pain.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at November 07, 2010 02:44 PM | Send

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