McCarthy on the death of Kaddafi

Andrew McCarthy at National Review Online powerfully restates the case against our illegal, immoral, and treasonous war against Kaddafi which culminated in his murder by a screaming mob.

And on the issue of the death of Kaddafi that made many insufficiently thoughtful critics of the intervention, including Michele Bachmann, cave and state the obligatory “I’m glad he’s dead,” thus contradicting their entire position, McCarthy grabs the bull by the horns:

To borrow [Chris] Wallace’s phrase, I am not “suggesting that we would be better off with the Qaddafi dictatorship still in effect.” I am saying it outright. If the choice is between an emerging Islamist regime and a Qaddafi dictatorship that cooperates with the United States against Islamists, then I’ll take Qaddafi. If the choice is between tolerating the Qaddafi dictatorship and disgracing ourselves by lying about the reason for initiating a war and by turning a blind eye to the atrocities of our new Islamist friends—even as we pontificate about the responsibility to protect civilians—then give me the Qaddafi dictatorship every time.

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