A European reader on the West’s prospects

Ilkka K. writes from Finland:

I appreciate you taking the time to write customized replies to us donators.

I’ve been reading VFR consistently since early 2007 and I was familiar with the site prior to that. You do offer an uncommonly precise, coherent and … well … ruthless view into the world as it stands. A truly unique and enormously valuable effort. From a European perspective, I especially applaud you for seeing both the hope that the somewhat traditionalistic/nationalistic political parties on this side of the pond offer, and also the discouraging socialistic tendencies that they have. The Finnish situation is no different: our main channel for influencing immigration restriction is a reformed agrarian party with a heavy emphasis on the social security side of economics. But first we need to get the existential issues sorted out, after that we can debate the ins and outs of a flat tax rate etc.

I’m currently reading Michael H. Hart’s book about the hundred most influential people in the history of humankind and it has reminded me that a small, focused unit of capable individuals or even a single man can have an effect on history. For example, Fransisco Pizarro conquered the mighty Inca nation of millions of inhabitants with only 200 men at his disposal.

That fills me with both hope and dread. We have seen brave men such as Geert Wilders sticking their neck out and trying to alter the Zeitgeist of history in our rapidly disintegrating Europe. And it’s working. People are waking up and noticing that—surprise—the sky just might not fall if they happened to ask out loud what exactly is achieved by consciously bringing loads of Somalis and Algerians to live in our midst. On the other hand, the sleeper cell of the Islamic world is very well entrenched in practically all significant cities this side of the Warsaw Pact and there is a lot of potential damage to be done by a new Saladin. The course of history may hinge upon a few remarkable individuals.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of assuming that current trends will just continue. The tide of history always fluctuates and currently the pendulum seems to be swinging into the right direction. As you said, we’re a part of the same civilization and I’m confident that we’ll pull this off.

Nevertheless, thank you for providing valuable commentary and analysis.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at June 19, 2009 03:00 PM | Send

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