The Trojan Horse in Europe

In the previous entry I wrote about the “virulent outgrowths” of Islam in the West.

Then, immediately afterward, I happened to go Diana West’s site and came upon this, about a visit by Turkish prime minister Erdogan to Germany, where he was greeted like a rock star by thousands of Turks in a sports arena, and told them:

They call you guest workers, foreigners, or German Turks. It doesn’t matter what they all call you: You are my fellow citizens, you are my people, you are my friends, you are my brothers and sisters!

Sounds like several recent Mexican presidents addressing Mexicans in the U.S., telling them that they are part of the Mexican nation as it expands into the United States.

Erdogan continued:

I want you to learn German, that your children learn German, they must study, do their masters degrees. I want you to become doctors, professors and politicians in Germany …

At which point Diana West interjects: “But all of that is just window-dressing; or not window-dressing, but Trojan-Horse-kit…”

Erdogan continued:

Yes, integrate yourselves into German society but don’t assimilate yourselves. No one has the right to deprive us of our culture and our identity.

Now let’s see how the pathetic German political class responds. There’s no way they can pretend any more that there is a solution to this, such as Turks learning German better; or that this is just about “multiculturalism,” which has “failed.” This is about an Islamic invasion and occupation.

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