As Obama walks down the street, houses fall down behind him

It’s pretty funny. For some time now, conservatives have been joking that the economy gets worse every time President Obama speaks about it, so the best thing he could do for the economy is not say anything about it. Then he gives his biggest speech on the economy yet—and the next day, the stock market drops 300 points!

But I still say, despite all the bad omens now surrounding this president, that the conservatives’ continual sack dance over his supposedly fallen body is a huge mistake. He said about himself in 2008, “I may be skinny, but I’m tough.” And he is tough. He also has confidence in himself, and plenty of moves, and the desire to win. He does not resemble the stranded, helpless Hoover, the pinched, hapless Carter, or the checked-out, spaced-out Bush the elder. If he is to lose in 2012, the Republicans are going to have to beat him with a candidate who is better than he is.

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D. Edwards writes:

“As Obama walks down the street, houses fall down behind him.”

WASHINGTON (The Blaze/AP)—A 500-ton crane doing repair work collapsed Wednesday at the Washington National Cathedral amid thunderstorms and driving rain, damaging at least one nearby building and several vehicles but sparing the church.

The collapse came just four days before a scheduled speech by President Barack Obama inside the cathedral to observe the tenth anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. The speech is the planned highlight of a three-day series of events scheduled to start Friday at the cathedral.

DK writes:

It might be that Rick Perry, rather than the lackluster Romney will be our best candidate. As you say, we’ll need someone plenty tough and perhaps the swaggering Texan can beat the Swagga of Obama.

LA replies:

Perry is unusual among politicians for his combative yet non off-putting manner. He really seems to enjoy the combat of politics. This gives him a liveliness that no other candidate has and definitely gives him an advantage in the race.

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