Man asks woman in movie theater to stop talking on cell phone; her boyfriend stabs him in the neck

The story, from NBC Los Angeles, tells the race of the perpetrators, not of the victim. We have more on that below.

As you read the article, notice the language, both dainty and nonjudgmental, that NBC uses to describe what is pure savagery:

a drama that turned more lively than the one on the screen

The woman … didn’t take kindly to being “shushed”. Or at least her boyfriend didn’t.

In fact, the language is not merely nonjudgmental and understated (a man stabs a stranger in the neck because he “didn’t take kindly” to something he said?); it is approving. To describe a savage, unprovoked, violent assault on a human being as a “drama that turned more lively than the one on the screen” is to suggest something positive and entertaining about the event. And to say that the woman “didn’t take kindly to being ‘shushed’” implies that it was wrong to shush her. You don’t shush black people, don’t you know that? You gotta show respect!

This article should be seen, not as proper journalism, but as an extension of the attack in the movie theater. It is underscoring the attacker’s message: don’t mess with black people.

Moviegoer Tells Woman to Stop Talking On Cell Phone, Gets Stabbed in the Neck

The stabbing occurred last Saturday at the Cinemark 22 Wed, Mar 10, 2010

A woman talking on a cell phone during a movie didn’t take kindly to being “shushed” by another moviegoer. Or at least her boyfriend didn’t.

In a drama that turned more lively than the one on screen—“Shutter Island”—the boyfriend allegedly attacked and stabbed the “shusher” in the neck with a meat thermometer. Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said the stabbing occured Saturday during a screening of the Martin Scorsese film.

According to KTLA:

Deputies say that while the movie was playing, a woman was talking on her phone and the victim asked her to turn it off.

The victim was attacked by the woman’s boyfriend and another man. Deputies say he was stabbed in the neck with a meat thermometer.

The stabbing victim is expected to survive and is recovering at a hospital. Two others who tried to help the victim also were injured, according to Whitmore.

According to sheriff’s officials, the suspects were described as black males. One man was wearing an orange hat with an orange jersey and the other man was dressed in a black hooded sweatshirt.

There was no word on why the man had a meat thermometer in a movie theater.

[end of article]

LA to Mark Jaws:

I just wonder why the account I read gave the race of the perps, and not the victim.

Mark Jaws replies:

Such reports normally do not give the victim’s race, unless the stabbing was racially motivated. We Truth Seekers normally have to dig for that information. While the victim was likely white, and these black savages flew into a rage after being asked to control their behavior, the more pertinent point is that regardless of whom they stabbed, these black males are a dangerous threat to our society, who fly of the handle at the slightest provocation.

LA to Jim C.:

Have ou seen story that gives race of victim?

Jim C. replies:

No, I’ll check it out—but everyone is a victim knowing predators are thriving at your local cineplex

I’d guess vic was white because it was unmentioned

FYI: police and press are required to give race info if you directly request it

LA repiles:

Useful information, thanks.

Jim C. writes:

Spoke to LA Sheriff’s Dept—vic was white male—when I suggested that they investigate it as a hate crime he got pi**ed off.

Jim C. writes:

To me, this is the quintessential example of your majority-minority theorem. Why not take the ball to the hoop? Find out if case is being investigated as a hate crime. If not, why not. No arrests yet, so we’ll have too see how Los Angeles handles it.

LA replies:

This does not appear to be what is considered a hate crime. It was spontaneous. He flew off the handle and attacked. And presumably he didn’t say or indicate anything about race.

This is part of what is so evil about hate crime laws. Whites are subject to race-motivated attacks by blacks all the time. But unless the black perpetrator says, “I hate white people, I’m going after that person because I hate white people,” then it’s not a hate crime. (And of course in many instances even if the black does say somethinig about hating whites, it’s not called a hate crime.)

But the problem doesn’t stop there. Since only officially designated hate crimes really “count,” the result is that the continuing black on white rampaging gets ignored. The net effect of anti-hate crimes laws is to reduce the importance of racially motivated, black on white violence and the attention society gives it.

No arrests yet? What?

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