DSK, the representative man of this age

It is truly symbolic of our time, that the head of the International Monetary Fund, directing vast billions in taxpayer dollars to countries that couldn’t repay, was also a sex addict who attended orgies all over the world.

What do the two activities have in common? Self-aggrandizing desire without a limit, whether for sexual freedom or for “compassion”—two of liberals’ three main passions.

As for the third unlimited liberal passion, I discuss it in the recent entry, “What is it that drives the left? GREED.”

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An Indian living in the West writes:

He also seems to have no taste in women whatsoever. There was a time when womanisers boasted about the class and quality of women they seduced. Strauss-Kahn to me appears to represent not just the worst things about modern liberals but also, I hate to say, about the French. They have truly become a nation utterly tasteless (though they are still amateurs compared to the British) and a subject of global ridicule.

Dalrymple once wrote that Strauss-Kahn regretted that there were three things that stood between him and the French presidency: (1) he loves money; (2) he loves women; and (3) he is Jewish. I am not entirely certain that (3) is as big a hurdle as he seems to have thought. Sarkozy is part Jewish by ancestry, I believe. But in Strauss-Kahn’s case, (2) seems to have trumped all else.

Hypocrisy is another trait where liberals are unbeatable. Strauss-Kahn’s ancestry (coming from an extremely wealthy family which owns a few villas in Paris apparently), his love of money, and his avowed love of socialism. It is a wonderfully hypocritical mixture. The West is decadent but no one typifies that more than its most ardent moralists, the hyper-liberals.

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