Heads out of the sand, conservatives! It’s time to identify and confront blacks’ stated attitudes toward whites

The website Stuff Black People Don’t Like (recently quoted at VFR) is on a tear. In tough minded but non-bigoted language, SBPDL’s unnamed author zeroes in on the black attitudes that connect the infamous black reaction to the O.J. Simpson acquittal with the Omar Thornton mass murder of his white fellow workers in Manchester, Connecticut. SBPDL is my kind of guy—he’s a dot connector. Thus he mentions a recent law suit against the National Republican Senatorial Committee by two black employees charging racism (one of the plaintiffs, Keith Carter, claims he was called “boy” and forced to clean up the feces of dogs white employees had brought to work), and concludes, with unanswerable logic:

Had Carter and his comrade pulled an Omar Thornton and gone into the NRSC guns-ablazing, one can only imagine the cheers and adulation …

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OneSTDV writes:

Here’s an recent article transparently expressing sympathy for the Duke Lacrosse rape accuser. The beginning of my post:

Who is more sympathetic than a twice false rape accuser, stripper, prostitute, destitute mother of three children by the age of 25, attempted murderer? This week, Newsweek writer Susannah Meadows penned an article lamenting the “sad” final chapter in the sordid tale of one Crystal Magnum, the Duke lacrosse stripper. The title: “Duke Lacrosse Accuser’s Tragic Life”.

And here’s the sickening ending of the Newsweek article that sums it up:

Remember that racial slur? When the two black strippers left the lacrosse party in a huff, a white freshman on the lacrosse team yelled out to them, “Thank your grandpa for my nice cotton shirt!” Case or no case, the epithet still hangs in the air.

See, a racial epithet (more like a puerile invective) was spoken, so any repercussions are justified. The Left holds racial offense, whether in job disparities or merely against a highly sensitive minority’s ego, as the preeminent value. Anything else, including murder and rape, are picayune compared to this presumed societal ill.

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