Not your ordinary brown bag lunch

Of Laura Wood, the Thinking Housewife, it can truly said that the world is her oyster. Today she talks about her long-time custom of making lunch for her husband each day for him to eat at work, and how countercultural that is.

Update: Or maybe the world is her Auster. After all, in addition to the two possible directional meanings of “Auster” (it’s the Latin word for the south wind, and it’s related to the German root for east, as in Ostereich or Austria), “auster” is also the German word for oyster. My theory is questionable, however. Given that my ancestors were Eastern European Jews, it’s unlikely they would have named themselves for non-kosher sea food.

Update: A further possible meaning of “Auster”—which is very appropriate given my position on what to do about the Islam problem—was brought to my attention by a reader here.

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