Limbaugh stunned by latest Gingrich revelation

On Thursday Rush Limbaugh delivered an immense monologue, almost 7,000 words long, about (1) the extremely bitter attacks on Newt Gingrich from other leading Republicans, and (2) the “stunning” (that’s Limbaugh’s word) revelation (posted at VFR this morning) that in 1988 Gingrich said in a televised discussion that while Reaganism had been great, the time for Reaganism was past and the Republican Party needed to abandon Reaganism and adopt a new ideology. Limbaugh keeps repeating that he personally well remembers that throughout the Reagan years Gingrich was a leading champion and expositor of Reagan’s policies and governing philosophy, so he is stunned to learn of Gingrich’s call in 1988 for the Republicans to leave Reaganism behind and move boldly into the future of … neo-Rockefeller Republicanism (?), Tofflerian Future Shockism (?), a high-tech restoration of Me Tooism (?), or whatever it was that was on his ever-restless mind at the moment.

Those are the main points of the monologue. I’m not recommending that you read it, as it is so long, meandering, and repetitive. But if you want an experience of the amazingly complex situation obtaining in the Republican presidential contest at this moment via Rush Limbaugh’s own tortured response to it, you may find it worthwhile to invest the time.

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Roger G. writes:

You know Lincoln’s supposed observation on Democratic infighting: “It’s like cats squalling and screeching outside your window at night, you think they’re killing each other, but you end up with more cats.”

My conservative friends and I in Virginia are all voting for Paul against Romney. Let’s keep this going.

LA replies:

A typically homely and incisive observation by Lincoln. Talk about a high-IQ president.

Roger G. replies:

Let’s hope that all this infighting will somehow end up with something good for us. Like having these terrible candidates all eliminate each other so that we can get someone decent.

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