The black problem that conservatives cannot see

The site being so busy lately, you may have missed yesterday’s must-read entry on the amazingly frank Washington Times article detailing the black racialist corruption of the black-run D.C. transit system. Here is the last paragraph of a comment I posted about the significance of the Times piece:

[T]he ultimate problem is not race preferences; the ultimate problem is the characteristics of blacks. If you have a city that is overwhelmingly black, then your municipal employees, your transit officials, your police officers, etc. are going to be overwhelmingly black. And because blacks operate at a vastly lower level of intelligence and probity than whites, such a city will sink into African-style incompetence and corruption, even in the complete absence of black racial preferences. But conservatives NEVER see or acknowledge this basic truth. Being liberals at their core, they only see the problem as procedural (caused by bad policies such as affirmative action), not as substantive (caused by the nature of black people).

Meanwhile, at SBPDL, Paul Kersey asks:

Where, oh where could a city be found to validate Auster’s thesis of a city that is overwhelmingly Black (D.C. is not anymore, with Black people being forced out to Prince George’s County and Baltimore) and that has a government full of municipal employees, transit officials, police officers, and other personnel paid via public funds which also is on the verge of total collapse?

Yes, you guessed it. Detroit.

Kersey continues on from there.

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