Fauxcohantas, cont.

Hard to believe, but the Elizabeth (“This is not class warfare, but just a commonsense expression of the social contract”) Warren camp is now claiming that because a first cousin of Warren’s once gave money to an American Indian museum, that proves that Warren is descended from Indians.

Meanwhile, from a webpage devoted to the purpose, more injun names for the liberal heroine from Harvard:

  • Sacajawhiner

  • She Will Sioux

  • Sackatheeconomy

  • Wounded Economy

And this comment:

One time in junior high, a kid gave me the most painful Indian burn. Which gives me as much claim to their heritage as Elizabeth Warren has.

John Edwards set the left’s pulse racing with his talk about the “Two Americas,” and he was the biggest phony anyone’s ever seen. Then Elizabeth Warren set Democratic hearts aflutter with her “social contract” aimed at creating resentment of all productive enterprises, and she turns out to be a gargantuan phony. Is there a proportional relationship between conspicuous leftism, and fakery?

UPDATE: And here’s another, from a commenter at Legal Insurrection:
Everyone seems to have settled on calling her Fauxcahontas, but I still contend that Taxajawea is a far superior in every sense.

- end of initial entry -

Jonathan S. writes:

Then by this “logic” of the Elizabeth Warren camp, if their candidate has a distant relative who donated to the local aquarium, that could make her a 1/32 Catfish-American.

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