George Zimmerman’s ancestry revealed!

Zimmerman’s father is Robert Zimmerman. As everyone knows, that was Bob Dylan’s original name.

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Paul T. writes:

Hmm—“Somebody’d better investigate soon”!

Me, I’m seeing potential for an album—The Freewheelin’ George Zimmerman—on which he covers some of his dad’s tunes, such as:

It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)

Only a Pawn in Their Game

If Dogs Run Free

We Better Talk This Over

You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere

Man on the Street

Baby, Let Me Follow You Down

Boots of Spanish Leather

Can’t Escape From You

I Feel a Change Comin’ On

What do you think?

LA replies:


And how about these verses, from “Billy”:

There’s guns across the river aimin’ at ya
Lawmen on your trail, they’d like to get ya
Bounty hunters, too, they wanna catch ya
Billy, they don’t like you to be so free.

There’s eyes behind the mirrors in empty places
Bullet holes and scars between the spaces
There’s always one more notch and ten more paces
Billy, and you’re walkin’ all alone.

They say that Pat Garrett’s got your number
So sleep with one eye open when you slumber
Every little sound just might be thunder
Thunder from the barrel of his gun.

Note: the lyrics may make the situation seem funny or romantic, but that’s not my intention at all. George Zimmerman shot a black man in self-defense (that’s what the police on the scene believed), and now half the country is on his trail and his life is in danger, and the state of Florida may throw him in jail just to satisfy the blacks and the forces of PC, and he may never be safe again. And of course Bob Dylan, who wrote so many songs about mistreated blacks and innocent persecuted outlaws and outcasts, will never write a song defending the George Zimmermans of this world.

LA continues:

Or how about “Wanted Man”:

Wanted man in California, wanted man in Buffalo,
Wanted man in Kansas City, wanted man in Ohio,
Wanted man in Mississippi, wanted man in old Cheyenne,
Wherever you might look tonight, you might see this wanted man.

I might be in Colorado or Georgia by the sea,
Working for some man who may not know at all who I might be.
If you ever see me comin’ and if you know who I am,
Don’t you breathe it to nobody ‘cause you know I’m on the lam.

Wanted man in Albuquerque, wanted man in Syracuse,
Wanted man in Tallahassee, wanted man in Baton Rouge,
There’s somebody set to grab me anywhere that I might be
And wherever you might look tonight, you might get a glimpse of me.

Paul T. writes:


I’d only heard “Wanted Man” in the Johnny Cash version.

LA replies:

Me, too. I’m tempted to say, it’s a song that only Dylan could have written, and that only Cash could have sung.

Here is a very good, lively recording of the song (it’s identified as being “with Bob Dylan,” though I don’t recognize Dylan’s voice in the backups).

Paul T. writes:

Shouldn’t the couplet from “Billy” be:

They say that Spike Lee’s got your number
So sleep with one eye open when you slumber


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