The on-scene police report emerges again—will it make any impact?

Josh W. writes:

Not sure if you’ve seen this yet, but the left’s house of cards continues to disintegrate.

The headline Josh sends, from a Yahoo News story posted today, says:

Trayvon Martin police report reveals Zimmerman was ‘bleeding from the nose and back of head’

The story goes on to quote the report from officer Timothy Smith, who was the first at the scene:

“While I was in such close contact with Zimmerman, I could observe that his back appeared to be wet and was covered in grass, as if he had been laying on his back on the ground. Zimmerman was also bleeding from the nose and back of his head.”

Is this just getting into the mainstream media now? I quoted the very same description from the very same police report on March 26, one week ago.

Josh W. continues:

I hope for the sake of all parties involved that the true sequence of events which led up to Martin’s death is eventually determined. But even if that happens, the “big picture” is no less terrifying: the mainstream media deliberately falsified and altered actual evidence pertaining to this case in order to concoct a wholly false account in order to further the leftist agenda, and scarcely anyone seems alarmed by this. No major figures have spoken out with any strong convictions against NBC, Jesse Jackson, or Al Sharpton. We are all marching in unison into an abyss of lies. This is straight out of 1984.

I said the same in my prediction of one week ago, that the truth would come out, but that there would be no apologies, no taking of responsibility for this horrible spreading of lies. The liberals and the black leaders would just move on, waiting for the next opportunity to form a lynch mob against the next appearance of “white hate.” It doesn’t hurt the liberal and black establishment to be shown as liars, so long as no authoritative voice in our society condemns them for it.

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Ed H. writes:

I count six witnesses on the police report all in their thirties and forties. The police arrived immediately and there was little time or motive for these people to concoct a story. Even if they had had time to do that, police routine is to separate all the witnesses and question them individually. No witness knows what the other says or what questions they couldn’t answer.. The police will always ask cross referenced questions. Hearing one detail from one person, they will then a pursue an oblique line of questions and see if the witness on his own comes roughly to the same version of events. The police will ask misleading questions and invent details to see if witness is thinking clearly and independently or reciting a rehearsed story. If there is any discrepancy about what happened, if even one witness is telling a plausible story at variance with the others the police will hold the suspect until it all gets sorted out.

The fact that six witnesses made statements and were questioned independently and as a result the police released Zimmerman is overwhelming evidence that something very close to what Zimmerman said happened—is what actually happened.

LA replies:

I’ve looked at the pdf on-scene police report again and I count three witnesses, not six. And there is no reference to what they said, just their physical descriptions. Their names are blacked out. We can reasonably assume that whatever they said to the police, it did not contradict what Zimmerman said. But that doesn’t mean that whatever they said supported what Zimmerman said.

LA writes:

Correction: there are six witnesses. I didn’t see them because the report is divided into two sections, with three witnesses in each.

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