Why the spread of Muslim democracy simply equals the spread of jihadism, 2005

In the thread, “Victory of the democracy spreaders,” an Indian living in the West reminds me that he warned about this seven years ago, when he argued that even if democracy were possible in the Muslim world, it would only lead to the victory of jihadism. It was in his first comment at VFR, in the May 2005 entry, “America and the Method of Bush: Why do we simply assume that democratization will be a good thing?”

Also in “Victory of the democracy spreaders,” James N. makes the key point that freedom or democracy should be seen as a means, not as an end:

“Democracy” as a means of arbitrating certain choices (NOT all choices) is reasonably convenient. But democracy is ill-suited to those who would choose evil over good—and the virtues of democracy, such as they are, do not elevate the nature of that which is chosen—not even a little bit.

See his whole comment, and my reply.

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